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Business Integration

SAP Systems provide extensive built-in customizing possibilities. Many times though, that is insufficient to support a customer's processes in an optimal way. Especially with processes specifically tailored to the company and critical to business, individual solutions are bound to be worth the while. Our customers save time, and thus, expenses. But from our point of view, the most important factor is that an improved IT support significantly increases process quality at crucial points.

The point is to provide simplification, automation and completion for business processes.

PIKON offers "integrated custom products" for this very purpose. We see custom products as a blend of tailored custom development with the spirit of a product. According to PIKON's 3-Point-Approach we aim to involve future users in our development process as early as possible. Therefore, we employ new workshop concepts that we develop with our business communication consultants specifically for the task at hand. A unique user experience is what drives us.

Integrated custom products are specifically tailored. But they are also scalable in a flexible way (customizing, modular architecture), performant, robust, and seamlessly integrated into SAP standard.

Integrated custom products are cost-efficient. We achieve an advantage in expenses through a series of reusable product components.

Since we consider our development a product, we take care of maintenance and adaption to new SAP releases as well.

Our technological focus:

  • ABAP (OO)
  • Office Connectivity
  • SAP GUI Dynpro / SAP UI 5 / HTML5 / WebDynpro
  • Adobe Forms

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Mobile Processes

In our workshop you will discover the true benefits of mobile applications for your business processes.

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