White Paper - How to master the finance and accounting challenges in the mechanical and plant engineering


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Today, the mechanical and plant engineering industry are facing many challenges on the one hand in working more customer-oriented by offering custom products and on the other hand in striving for further efficiency advantages by offering standardized and modular products.  The use of new production processes, such as additive manufacturing enables manufacturers to differentiate themselves in the marketplace and to increase the benefits for their customers whilst simultaneously taking advantage of cost reduction capabilities.

These challenges are also drivers of change in internal and external accounting, as well as the constantly growing requirements set by legal regulations.

What you will learn in this White Paper:

With our White Paper “Industry Solutions in the Mechanical and Plant Engineering – How to master challenges in the Finance and Accounting” we want to provide you with a set of solutions to face these challenges and therefore give answers to the following questions that are focused on the Mechanical and Plant Engineering: 

What are the biggest challenges?What are their effects on Finance and Accounting?How to align your business processes and IT systems with these challenges.
Which business models help you pull further ahead of your competitors?How to make your organisation fit for the digital future.How to meet the constantly growing regulatory requirements.