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S/4HANA - Robust, in-memory business suite

What is S/4HANA?

S/4HANA is SAP's latest iteration of its world-leading business suite software. Built on the advanced in-memory database of HANA, S/4HANA provides robust process support and takes advantage of the performance benefits offered by in-memory technology. By drawing on other SAP technologies (e.g. BW, Fiori), S/4HANA helps to simplify your standard processes whilst retaining the ability to adapt to your core competencies.

Migrating to S/4HANA

S/4HANA isn't an upgrade from SAP ECC6 - it is a completely new product. To that end, a simple release-change process isn't enough to take advantage of the new features and functions that are delivered with S/4HANA. In addition to technical SAP ERP expertise, extensive business process knowledge is required in order to adapt the old to the new. Additionally, some S/4HANA features (e.g. planning processes) now incorporate SAP Business Warehouse tools and techniques - knowledge that may be lacking in some ERP departments.


PIKON can add value to your SAP S/4HANA implementation project:

  • We have experience of implementing SAP S/4HANA for our customers.
  • Our combined business process knowledge and SAP ERP expertise make us an ideal migration partner.
  • Using our Business Warehouse and native HANA expertise, we can enable you to leverage the new planning and reporting capabilities of S/4HANA.

Embrace the power of in-memory ERP with PIKON.

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