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How to streamline and accelerate your financial close [FINANCE]

PIKON webinar to improve your Financial Closure

Do you recognise the following situations in your financial closing process?

  • Typically, the month-end and/or the year-end closing is very hectic.
  • Everyone involved is under high pressure at that time.
  • It is stressful to execute all the complex tasks in the correct sequence.
  • Important change requests have to be processed at the last minute.
  • From within your organisation, new surprises always emerge very late in the process. 
  • The management information does not always correspond to the financial accounting data.

Together with the financial experts from our business partner FAS AG, we explain in this webinar the concepts on how to make your closing process more efficient and show you with a hands-on system-demo how this can be done with the SAP Financial Closing Cockpit.


 What will you learn in our webinar?

  • Intelligent and proven concepts and methods for making your financial closing process more efficient
  • The SAP Financial Closing Cockpit features to accelerate and streamline your financial close
  • Excample of an improved month-end process, using the SAP Financial Closing Cockpit
  • The project approach for an implementation

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Easy Dashboarding with SAP Lumira [REPORTING & DASHBOARDING]

PIKON webinar to improve your Data Analysis & Data Visualisation

Do you recognise the following situations?

  • Your organisation has a huge volume of data, but you don't really know how to analyse them in a structured way.
  • A vast amount of information is provided to you, but you find it hard to visualise exactly what you want to point out.
  • In your daily work you often need to create reports and always want to give them a professional look.
  • It is hard for you to quickly create a dashboard in a limited time.

In our webinar "Easy Dashboarding with SAP Lumira" we explain how easy your business users can create dashboards and reports themselves with SAP Lumira and this even without having an IT background and without any help from your IT department.


 What will you learn in our webinar?

  • The different steps from uploading your own data to SAP Lumira to preparing them for the creation of data visualisations and finally create (interactive) dashboards/ infographics that are also ready for mobile use
  • Discover the professional look and feel of SAP Lumira via a system-demo, following a business case
  • Learn how SAP Lumira uses data visualisations to provide you with new insights into your business from different, new angles
  • Experience how easy your business users can perform data analyses and create business reports and dashboards themselves thanks to the intuitive SAP Lumira user interface

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Getting to Grips with Non-Conformance Costs [PROJECT PLANNING & CONTROLLING]

PIKON webinar to improve your Project Planning & Controlling

Is your business project-based and are you also often dealing with make-to-order, long-term, complex projects on a fixed-price basis? Do your products have a low level of standardisation and are they typically engineered throughout the execution of the project? Are you also struggling with the following challenging situations when managing project costs:

  • The true project costs are not transparent at all
  • You suffer from a creeping margin erosion
  • There are high variations between the order entry costing and the actual costs at the end of the project
  • The root causes of the variations are far from transparent

Additionally, if there is no working "lessons learned" process, these problems can persist for some time.

In this webinar we focus on the different goals and optimisations for getting margin erosion under control in make-to-order and engineer-to-order businesses.


 What will you learn in our webinar?

  • Typical challenges in project planning and controlling in make-to-order and engineer-to-order businesses
  • How Non-Conformance Costs erode your margins and where to find them during the financial lifecycle of your projects
  • The root causes of Non-Conformance Costs
  • The best goal descriptions for preventing your margins from further slipping away
  • Different optimisation steps for getting grips to Non-Conformance Costs
  • The PIKON 3 in 1 approach for Non-Conformance Costs

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