Custom Development - Efficient, Integrated SAP Add-Ons

Custom Development

PIKON SAP Add-Ons - the 3-point approach in Custom Development

Integrated PIKON SAP Add-ons are custom developed for your ERP system. Based on modern technologies and a cutting-edge approach, they lead to more innovation, agility, competitiveness and productivity for your business processes. 

Based on our PIKON 3-Point Consultancy Approach, Integrated Add-Ons are custom developed through workshops with all stakeholders, including the future users. Although PIKON SAP Add-Ons are custom-fit, they are also flexible, easy to adapt, robust and seamlessly integrated into standard SAP.

PIKON SAP Add-Ons are cost-effective, fully-fledged products. In addition to the add-on itself, we also provide maintenance and SAP release change services.

Technology Insight

PIKON SAP add-ons merge the security and stability of software products with the agility and precision of in-house development.

Whether it is ABAP, ABAP OO or ABAP on HANA, whether it is RFC, IDOC, WebService or Odata Communication, or whether it is with or without SAP Process Orchestration (PO), PIKON has the right solution for your problems. Our solid expertise combined with a high level of quality awareness, as well as our ERP know-how result in flexible, fast and maintainable solutions that can easily be adapted to new circumstances.

Extensions for SAP systems are developed in coordination with our customers to create an inspiring user interface. We take advantage of new possibilities from SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe, WebDynpro or SAP UI5 (HTML5).

We draw on our many years of SAP experience to ensure that the add-on development process is as efficient and cost-effective as possible for our customers.
PIKON supports the complete process, from design to completed, installed add-on.

Business Process Insight


SAP's ERP system offers a multitude of functions. The principal transactions (e.g. Create Sales Order, VA01) are employed by many different types of users. Power users spend many hours a day creating sales orders, whereas casual users turn to the same transaction for only a few moments (e.g. to give an approval). There are many groups of users which have to carry out related tasks at various points in a system, which can be time-consuming and lead to frustration. To achieve user-friendliness for all groups is, to put it mildly, difficult.

PIKON adjusts SAP to meet your functional processes and provides an appropriate user interface at the same time. This makes your work with SAP easier and more efficient, helping to avoid mistakes.

New technologies (e.g. HTML5) assist us in achieving these standards. They provide an enhanced level of usability that people have come to expect through their own mobile and web-based user experiences.

Business Process Insight


Many users repeat tasks every day in the same sequence and in various transactions throughout the SAP system. This is inefficient and can lead to errors.

In this area, there is considerable room for improvement. For instance, sub-steps can be automated, avoiding multiple entries of the same data. Often enough, a system can carry out routine tasks automatically, triggered by events.

These concepts are not necessarily limited by your own company's boundaries. Automated communication with customers, suppliers and other business partners via SAP Process Orchestration (PO) is part of PIKON's portfolio, as are workflows and automated printing of individually designed, company-specific Adobe PDF forms.

Business Process Insight


Often, our customers feel that their system does not adequately support critical points in their processes. Quite a number of them make do with workarounds – for example, in Microsoft Excel. It is these temporary fixes that can be the starting point for an improved solution, which is fully integrated and secure. They are the first step towards real innovation.

It is at this point that PIKON's consulting comes into play. Finding a solution within the SAP standard is always our first priority. If this is not possible, we offer our customers integrated custom products, which are created according to their specifications and our recommendations. Products created in this manner remove bottlenecks and greatly increase the contribution of IT to the optimisation of business processes.