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SAP - ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

Added value through optimised processes

The processes reflected in the ERP system are essential for positive, efficient interaction between all areas of your business; they constitute the digital backbone of the company. As process-oriented consultants, we provide you with support during the introduction and further development of your processes and systems. We do this based on the PIKON 3-point approach that meaningfully brings together the needs of people, information technology and business management.

The result is efficient processes which are adapted to your needs, delivering increased competitiveness and productivity. We also translate technological innovations into new, future-proofed processes that employees are enthusiastic about.

PIKON - Your partner for efficient, long-term SAP consulting.

Technology Insight


Current trends such as Batch Size 1, Big Data and the Internet of Things place new demands on IT and business processes. At the same time, users expect solutions that they can intuitively use, regardless of time, location and device.

In order to be able to meet these challenges, the necessary tools have been provided with S/4 HANA Enterprise Management, the next generation of the SAP Business Suite. There are many benefits of using In-Memory Technology, affecting all areas of the system, including:

  • Simplification: in the data model, mapping of processes and systems, user interfaces, of customer-specific adjustments
  • Acceleration / Real-Time: reporting, planning, forecasting, fast close
  • User-friendliness: new, modern user interfaces, easy intuitive operation
  • Cost-savings through optimised business processes

S/4 HANA paves the way for all departments to benefit from simplified and future-proofed processes.

People Insight

Introducing an ERP system has a major impact on business process design and the way employees work. PIKON uses a unique communication concept to ensure that employees are involved from an early stage. Acceptance is not the only aim - creating enthusiasm is just as important.

Business Process Insight

Process Orientation

The focus on business processes is one of the most significant features of PIKON's consulting approach (Link: 3-point approach). PIKON literally stands for Prozessorientierte Informationskonzepte [process-oriented information concepts] and we have done just that for over 20 years. Analysis and optimisation of processes is the basis for implementing process steps in SAP ERP. A suboptimal business process shall remain a poor process, even if it is perfectly implemented in SAP ERP. Process consulting and IT consulting go hand in hand.

Our consultants are experts in the processes and technical challenges set out in their specialised field (such as purchasing, accounting or manufacturing), and they also understand the interfaces to each of the preceding and following steps in other modules. They always bear the complete end-to-end process in mind.

Business Process Insight


The sale of a product is an opportunity to also sell services. Many companies see a lot of growth potential in this area. It is important to keep the interests of your end-customers in mind, as well as optimising your internal processes. We can discuss challenges and develop ERP solutions in areas such as:

  • Installed Base Management
  • Optimisation of on-site (e.g. construction site) processes
  • Predictable, costed and timely in-house repairs

Business Process Insight


With its multiple links to other ERP modules, SAP Finance is a key component of the business processes in every company. In the light of the increasing fusion of management and financial accounting systems, new technological approaches (such as S/4 HANA) also play an essential role for us. Through the use of S/4 HANA, your financial processes can be modernised and run in real-time. Our comprehensive interface and process-oriented approach enables us to seamlessly integrate financial processes throughout the end-to-end process.

Amongst other things, our finance team deals with the following business issues:

  • Creation and optimisation of management accounting concepts
  • Parallel accounting in accordance with IFRS and local laws
  • Segment reporting §  Optimisation and acceleration of period-end closing
  • Introduction of new features in management and financial accounting
  • Introduction of S/4 HANA
  • Real-Time Reporting (e.g. profit centre reporting, reporting by cost-of-sales method)
  • Data migration

Business Process Insight


Globalisation, Industry 4.0, Batch Size 1: these are only some of the issues companies must deal with today. Products are getting more individualised, whilst delivery deadlines are always getting shorter. Supply Chain Management is becoming more important but increasingly complicated.

In order to get a grip on these requirements, it is essential to optimise the entire supply chain from suppliers to storage, quality inspection, production and delivery to customers. Newer systems (for example SAP SCM, S/4 HANA, BW-IP, SAP IBP) and improved performance allow you to more readily plan and control your logistical processes.

With more than 20 years of experience, we know the challenges set out by Supply Chain Management: the requirements for master data quality, planning processes, logistics and production management, as well as the complexities in communication, in particular at international level.

Business Process Insight

Project Business

Mechanical and plant engineering firms must provide high quality products on a global scale at competitive prices. Many companies provide their customers with individual solutions for their specific problems. In most cases, standard products no longer meet customers' specifications, but tailor-made solutions and services must be devised to satisfy customers' requirements.

This approach brings huge challenges for engineering companies: a new "product" must be developed for each order. Many different departments (from design to purchasing, from assembly to service) must be coordinated, with timelines observed, budgets monitored and risks minimised. The business model has changed from a product business to a project business.

Based on our long-standing experience, PIKON understands the challenges set out by a project-based business: the requirements of the smallest of projects to the most complex ones, and the issues relating to management accounting and logistics. PIKON can help you to find optimum project processes for your company and implement them in SAP ERP and BI.

Business Process Insight

Make-to-Order Production

Make-to-Order production (including Configure-to-Order and Engineer-to-Order) provides you with an array of options when it comes to offering your customers an adapted product from a wide range of possibilities. Make-to-Order production is not only a "simple" production strategy but a type of process that affects the complete, end-to-end business process. It demands a new approach to sales, purchasing and management accounting.

By correctly using this process, transparency is enhanced and order-to-delivery times are considerably shortened. In particular, variant configuration has incredible potential and helps to prevent the implementation of significantly more complex project processes where they may not be required.


Embrace in-memory ERP with PIKON.

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