3-point management consulting in the era of digital transformation

The digital age of business means that business models and processes change in ever shorter cycles. Today's best practices are obsolete tomorrow.

Successful digital transformation comes from: 

  • Increasing productivity through simplifying and accelerating processes
  • Re-inventing processes, leading to an increased ability to innovate
  • Individualising products and thus following your customers' wishes
  • Increasing your competitive edge through improved, digital business processes

Digitisation means that the boundaries between business management and IT are disappearing. Topics can no longer be considered in isolation, but demand an expert overview across all departments and clear, consistent communication between specialist departments and IT.

As a result, PIKON promotes the concept of interdisciplinary 3-point consultancy of organisations (and the people within them), business processes and Information Technology.

As part of this comprehensive management consultancy approach, we are rethinking IT consulting and offer a solution proposal tailored to your situation and your problem: 

  • We perform a detailed analysis of your current processes and your business management approach, identifying the potential for optimisation.
  • Not only do we consider processes, systems and their interfaces, but also the people in your company, who have to keep up with the ever-increasing pace of digital transformation.

To enable this, we: 

  • Draw on over 20 years of consulting experience.
  • Approach digital transformation with a unique framework for project communication. 
  • Provide interdisciplinary teams, comprised of PIKON consultants with a variety of expertise, together with a creative impulse from our partners.

Succeed in the digital age of business with PIKON. 

Project / Change Communication

First, we perform a 360-degree analysis. In short snapshot interviews, we consider the situation through the eyes of the employees involved. We interview employees from different levels of the business hierarchy, who can provide us with their perspective. We then develop a bespoke communication concept and thus lay the foundation for creating acceptance and enthusiasm for the proposed changes.

Execution / Implementation

From these foundations, we can also implement the proposed changes. This may include process changes, strengthening the digital backbone (ERP) of your company, or mastering the data flood by using appropriate business intelligence solutions.  Optimum support for your processes can also be provided by our bespoke, integrated SAP add-ons.