SAP Add-ons




Integrated MTD-VAT Connector for SAP

If you run a business in the UK with a taxable turnover above £85,000 you need to comply with HMRC's Making Tax Digital rule for VAT as from 1st April 2019. PIKON is recognised by HMRC as having an MTD-compatible solution. Discover all features of the Integrated MTD-VAT Connector for SAP to make your UK business MTD-compliant.




SAP FI/CO Postings Uploader

SAP FI/CO Postings Uploader is a powerful tool that allows your users to upload Finance and CO postings from Microsoft Excel files into your SAP ERP system. Discover all features of SAP FI/CO Postings Uploader.




SAP ERP Report Distributor

SAP ERP Report Distributor is our tool for the distribution of all types of reports from SAP ERP throughout your organisation via e-mail (and this even to external e-mail addresses). Discover all features of SAP ERP Report Distributor.




SAP Material Master Data Cockpit

SAP Material Master Data Cockpit is our powerful tool for the analysis of master data. It is easy to use and offers a quick, simple and up-to-date overview of all the required master data. Discover all features of SAP Material Master Data Cockpit.




SAP ABAP Documentation Generator

SAP ABAP Documentation Generator automates the creation of software documentation and saves you a lot of time and costs. This tool is able to generate software documentation in only 2 minutes, whereas creating comparable software documentation manually would take up to 2 mandays. Discover all features of the SAP ABAP Documentation Generator.




SAP RRICB Optimizer

The SAP RRICB Optimizer enhances the standard available SAP RRICB function in SAP ERP for automating and streamlining your Intercompany Billing process for services. Discover all features of the SAP RRICB Optimizer.