SAP ERP Report Distributor

E-mail SAP ERP reports to SAP users and non-SAP users

How the SAP ERP Report Distributor will help you

SAP ERP Report Distributor is a tool for the distribution of all types of reports from SAP ERP throughout your organisation via e-mail. The reports can be created and distributed both in PDF and Microsoft Excel format and are sent as an attachment to an e-mail. This allows everybody from your organisation (both SAP users and non-SAP users) to receive SAP ERP reports in their mailbox.

Features of the SAP ERP Report Distributor:

  • Creation of SAP ERP reports
  • Distribution of SAP ERP reports
  • Integrated solution in SAP ERP
  • Automatic distribution via batch jobs
  • Processing overnight (less system load)
  • Distribution to external e-mail addresses is possible
  • Reports are created in PDF or Microsoft Excel format (everybody can read them)
  • Flexible selection criteria.


For the standard version of the SAP ERP Report Distributor you pay a one-time fixed-price fee. This fee is independent of the number of users and the number of SAP-systems and includes:

  • Remote implementation (±1 business day)
  • Remote support (via web-meeting)
  • Documentation

After that, no further licence fees are charged. Additional, custom requirements to the standard version of the SAP ERP Report Distributor can be implemented after we have performed a thorough analysis of your specific needs. The additional costs for implementing these requirements will then be described in a detailed offer.

Please fill out the form to find out more about the pricing and/or to discover during a live-system-demo all the features of the standard version of our SAP ERP Report Distributor.

System Requirements

  • SAP ECC 6.0 or higher
  • If the system in which Report Distribution by PIKON is used is a unicode system, SAP notes 1320163 and 1278061 need to be implemented. This can easily be done with the SAP Note Assistant (SNOTE transaction).
  • A ZRP number range must be created.

Why you need the SAP ERP Report Distributor

Has your organisation ever created custom SAP ERP reports because the standard available SAP reports did not cover the needs or there were simply no standard SAP reports available for these requirements? It probably has. Each organisation that has implemented SAP ERP has created and collected many SAP ERP reports as time goes by. 

Would your employees (both employees in the field and internal employees) also like to receive these SAP ERP reports time and again in their mailbox, without each time having to log on to the SAP ERP system and execute the reports. Maybe you also have other employees that would benefit from having these SAP ERP reports but they do not have access to the SAP ERP system? Employees in the field also do not have regular access to your organisation's SAP ERP system, but they can read their e-mails anytime.

Our SAP ERP Report Distributor makes all this possible and even sends recurring reports at regular intervals (each month or each week or ...) in a readable format (PDF or Microsoft Excel) as an attachment to an e-mail to anyone who should receive them.




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