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Belgium: Legal Requirements for B2B E-Invoicing announced

Important update:

The inability to reach a consensus on significant tax reforms has led to the cancellation of the mandatory B2B e-invoicing launch scheduled for July 2024. It is probable that the launch will now be postponed until January 2026.

The Belgian Ministry of Finance has said it will return to this issue after the summer’s break; but gathering political agreement means no mandate is likely before 2026.


The minister of Finance of Belgium has recently announced a tax reform for electronic invoicing for Business-to-business (B2B) transactions. Prepare your company in advance. The implementation of the e-invoicing obligation will take place in several phases.

Steps for the implementation of B2B E-Invoicing in Belgium

The format is currently not confirmed and there are assumptions that PEPPOL will be used as standard. At the moment, SAP doesn’t provide any solution for the B2B in Belgium. An update will be given when more information is shared by the Belgian government or SAP.

Why choose PIKON as your partner in your Compliance Project?

At PIKON, we have established a Competence Center for Legal Requirements, where our team of expert consultants stay on top of the latest developments and requirements, e.g. regarding SAP Document Compliance and PEPPOL. We combine our SAP expertise and in-depth knowledge of the legal requirements with experience gained over many projects, to help you with your strategic roadmap to digital transformation and compliance with country-specific legal requirements.

Webmeeting Legal Requirements

If you have any questions, or if you would like to discuss how PIKON can help you with your business case, do not hesitate to leave a comment below or to request a web-meeting. I am happy to help you!

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Myriam Alicata
Myriam Alicata
I am active as a SAP ERP Consultant at PIKON Benelux in Genk, Belgium. My focus is on the SAP SD and MM modules. Within our PIKON group, I am part of the Competence Center for Legal Requirements. With my knowledge and experience gathered through different customer projects, I aim to find the right solution for our customers.

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