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Compliance with the Hungarian B2B RTIR E-Invoicing regulations in SAP

Please fill out the form below to request a live system-demo and/or a quotation for making your own SAP system compliant with the latest RTIR B2B E-Invoicing regulations in Hungary. 

During the web-meeting, we will:

  • provide more details on the latest Hungarian RTIR B2B E-Invoicing regulations and their impact from a technical and process-related point of view
  • demonstrate the SAP Document Compliance solution for compliance with these regulations
  • share our project experiences and key learnings
  • discuss your current situation
  • make some first recommendations on the best solution scenario for making your own SAP system compliant
  • answer all your questions
  • ...

After the web-meeting, we will provide you with a detailed quotation (if desired) to make your own SAP system compliant with the Hungarian regulations for mandatory E-Invoicing of B2B transactions.


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