SAP ERP Report Distributor

E-mail SAP ERP reports to SAP users and non-SAP users

How the SAP ERP Report Distributor will help you


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SAP ERP Report Distributor is a tool for the distribution of all types of reports from SAP ERP throughout your organisation via e-mail. The reports can be created and distributed both in PDF and Microsoft Excel format and are sent as an attachment to an e-mail. This allows everybody from your organisation (both SAP users and non-SAP users) to receive SAP ERP reports in their mailbox.

Our Solution

Request a live-demo of PIKON’s SAP ERP Report Distributor and learn how to receive SAP ERP reports in your mailbox to read them at any time, without logging into the SAP ERP system. You can also request a quotation if desired.


Features of the SAP ERP Report Distributor

  • Creation of SAP ERP reports
  • Distribution of SAP ERP reports
  • Integrated solution in SAP ERP
  • Automatic distribution via batch jobs
  • Processing overnight (less system load)
  • Distribution to external e-mail addresses is possible
  • Reports are created in PDF or Microsoft Excel format (everybody can read them)
  • Flexible selection criteria

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Daniel Schneider-Ortscheit
Daniel Schneider-Ortscheit
Customer Success Manager