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Belgium: B2B electronic invoicing becomes mandatory

Important update:

On 1 February 2024, the legislation mandating B2B E-invoicing in Belgium was officially published. Although the Belgian government is still awaiting approval from the European Commission to enforce mandatory E-invoicing, the implementation date is set for 1 January, 2026.

With the implementation of mandatory B2B E-invoicing, Belgium aims to tackle the VAT gap, that has been estimated by the EU to be EUR 4.8 billion per year.


Scope Legal Requirement

The Belgian government has announced that the previous statement of a phased implementation of mandatory B2B E-invoicing will be abolished. Therefore, the Belgian government is preparing for a full scale implementation of the legal requirement. This means that the following businesses have to be compliant with B2B E-invoicing starting on 1 January, 2026: All Belgian-resident companies, local subsidiaries of foreign businesses and non-resident businesses with a VAT registration and a fixed establishment in Belgium. Besides this, potentially non-resident customers with no VAT registration must be able to accept E-invoices from resident Belgian suppliers for domestic business transactions. Micro-enterprises in Belgium are not in scope for B2B E-invoicing.

The solution for B2B E-invoicing will be based on the PEPPOL 4-corner model (European standard), however other exchange platforms may also be used if compliant with EU requirements.

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At PIKON, we have established a Competence Center for Legal Requirements, where our team of expert consultants stay on top of the latest developments and requirements, e.g. regarding SAP Document Compliance and PEPPOL. We combine our SAP expertise and in-depth knowledge of the legal requirements with experience gained over many projects, to help you with your strategic roadmap to digital transformation and compliance with country-specific legal requirements.

Webmeeting Legal Requirements

If you have any questions, or if you would like to discuss how PIKON can help you with your business case, do not hesitate to leave a comment below or to request a web-meeting. I am happy to help you!

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Kadir Yilmaz
Kadir Yilmaz
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