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Skills shortage in IT? External SAP support as the solution

A shortage of skilled workers in the world of IT is becoming an ever greater problem for companies. When internal IT positions go unfilled, it costs a company between € 19,269 and € 96,228 (depending on the size of the company). This, at least, is the very conservative estimate from Stepstone. In this context, the statisticians multiplied internal data on average daily salaries by the vacancy time for the jobs in the respective occupational groups. The vacancy time corresponds to the number of days that a position remains unfilled on average.

In addition to these financial factors, the issue of demographic change is also a key concern for companies. As the number of economically active people declines dramatically in the future, the number of job vacancies will continue to increase. In 2021 already, according to the survey by the German Information and Telecommunications Industry Association (Bitkom), the number of vacancies for IT professionals amounted to 96,000 positions, which corresponds to an increase of 12% compared with the previous year.

SAP Support and Application Management Services as the solution

If you are aware of this problem in your company and are considering how to use your existing internal resources more effectively, the topic of SAP support could be relevant to you. Here at PIKON, as external service providers, we have developed a special 2nd and 3rd level support concept, so that you can devote yourself to complex topics such as the migration to SAP S/4HANA, and your employees do not have to deal with the daily support requests.

The added value for you from the full-service SAP support concept from PIKON

  • Focus on your core tasks: Your internal IT team can focus on its core tasks and devote itself to preparing and implementing an SAP S/4HANA or BW4/HANA transformation, for example.
  • Everything from one single source: Our support team will take care of your 2nd and 3rd level support. For this purpose, experts in a variety of fields are available to you at any time (SAP ERP, SAP BI, and developers).
  • Reliability: In the scope of the individual SLA agreement the support team is available to you at any time. Stand-in staff is also provided in cases of illness or absence, and no requests are left unanswered.
  • Scalability: The configuration of the contract offers you maximum flexibility with simultaneous certainty so that peak workloads can also be covered.
  • High quality support: We have confidence in our PIKON team, to deliver support with a high standard of quality that can resolve the most complex challenges at the location of the customer.

Feel free to ask me any other questions you may have as comments in the field at the end of the article. Or arrange a consultation with our expert directly.

Arrange a non-binding consultation with our support specialist Andreas Adam

Find out how you can set up 2nd and 3rd level support more effectively and cost-efficiently and get valuable input for the further development of your SAP systems and developments.

Andreas Adam
Andreas Adam
COO PIKON Deutschland AG

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