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Implementation of SAP Add-on FI Uploader

Time saving and error reduction with PIKON SAP Add-on "SAP FI Postings Uploader"

With the PIKON SAP add-on “SAP FI Postings Uploader”, Canyon Bicycles GmbH can upload postings to the SAP system quickly and reliably via an Excel file. In addition to minimising the time previously spent on manual postings as part of the month-end closing process, automation also reduces the risk of errors in documentation. Furthermore, the customer now also has the option of automatically recording ledger-specific postings.

About “Canyon Bicycles GmbH”

Canyon is the world’s leading manufacturer of road bikes, mountain bikes, triathlon bikes, urban & fitness bikes, and electric bikes, based in Koblenz, Germany.


„With the PIKON Sap add-on, we have implemented a helpful and efficient tool that makes our daily work easier. The consulting and implementation were competent and trouble-free.“


Dominik Diel, Director Finance
Canyon Bicycles GmbH


The challenge at Canyon Bicycles

The customer had long been looking for a cost-effective and time-saving solution to upload financial postings to the SAP system via an Excel file. Especially in the context of the month-end closing, numerous manual postings have to be made again and again in financial accounting (accrual postings per cost centre). In addition, there are also many other postings in the daily business that have to be transferred manually. In addition to the high time expenditure, this also increases the risk of errors in the documentation. Furthermore, a solution was sought to automatically record ledger-specific postings, since in the course of a value-based correction of the various ledgers, these are to be used in the future according to accounting standards.

Our Solution for the customer: The “SAP FI Postings Up-loader”

After the customer became aware of the PIKON SAP add-on “SAP FI Postings Uploader” on our homepage, we were able to convince him very quickly of the added value of our tool in a demo appointment. In addition to uploading open items for data transfers, it is also possible to post periodic documents such as monthly invoices. Furthermore, a predefined layout in Excel can be used, which can be reused every month and thus also contains all required cost centres (e.g. monthly mobile phone bill). Upon the arrival of the invoice, only the amounts are inserted, and the header data is changed. The posting can then be uploaded to the SAP system. Correction postings as part of the month-end closing can also be carried out in this way without any problems. The functionality of uploading ledger-specific postings extends the range of possible applications. In this way, accounting-specific postings can be easily entered.

The benefit for Canyon Bicycles

With the “SAP FI Postings Uploader”, the customer has finally found an efficient solution, a fast and reliable way to upload postings via an Excel file into the SAP system. In addition to the time savings and the associated possibility to use the resulting employee resources more sensibly, the risk of transmission errors was also minimised. Due to the simple structure of the tool, a quick implementation into the customer’s system could take place. Therefore, no cost- and time-intensive interface programming was necessary. The ledger-specific posting via upload speeds up the period-end closing according to various accounting standards.

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