Organisational Development - Challenge
You need answers for your problem? - We ask the right questions.

The minimum goal of this event is to give you different perspectives on your situation that will open up new avenue for you to act. The possibilities range from a specific suggestion for next steps or an entire plan for dealing with your situation to clarifying and overcoming it, all enabling you to move ever upwards.


  • Executives and managerial staff of all hierarchical levels
  • Project managers

Do you have a situation in your company or in your project in which the interaction of the persons involved is complicated, communication is limited, structures are not functional, motivation is unclear or something simply doesn’t sit right?
We do not think much of “universal, one-size-fits-all” solutions, but work out the first steps towards a fundamental improvement individually through our expertise and experience together with your knowledge of the situation and the current state.


We use various simple but effective methods to create a picture of the situation that makes it workable. It is not necessarily required to prepare anything for this, although we will be happy to provide you with some initial framework conditions and questions as preparation in a preliminary consultation.


The procedure depends on your individual situation and needs. Roughly speaking, we distinguish between 5 phases:


Phase 1:
Problemdefinition – identifying challenges

Phase 2:
Reflecting team:

  • Expert brainstorming (perspectives, cascades)
  • Solution and detachment approaches

Phase 3:
Critical analysis of a theory or topic
Circular feedback

Phase 4:
“Circular” wrap-up:

  • What have we heard and what does that mean?
  • Scheduling next, first steps
  • Reflection

Phase 5:
Feedback and next steps:
Why you don’t need us any longer now and what you can use us for.


In presence as well as virtually, we consult and cooperate with you and/or employees designated by you on an ongoing basis.


Half-day workshop. Can be prolonged, if required.

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