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Integrated planning in times of digitisation

Digital planning with SAP

Dynamic times call for flexible, automated and integrated applications for business planning and forecasting. In doing so, we not only look at technological and business aspects, but also at the organisational framework conditions.

What is your status quo in terms of integrating your business planning?

The PIKON maturity model offers help for your self-assessment, information on optimisation potentials and orientation for your individual roadmap to integrated business planning:

PIKON Maturity Model for your Business Planning

Are you on the way to an integrated business planning to make the right decisions as a data-driven company and remain competitive in the future?

To support a well-founded self-assessment of your status quo, we have developed the PIKON maturity model for planning and analysis processes. Take the check and identify optimisation potentials.

From a technological point of view, the demands on modern planning and forecasting applications are constantly increasing. Dynamic times call for more and more simulation and forecasting features in addition to flexibility and the integration of partial planning. Modern planning tools, such as SAP BPC and SAP Analytics Cloud, in hybrid scenarios too, enable the efficient and automated creation of plans or forecasts and support decision-making – real added value for your company. If you want to go into tool selection, use our checklist.



SAP Analytics Cloud vs. SAP BPC

Which planning tool is best suited to your requirements?

The checklist offers you help with the decision on the basis of key questions. You’ll find further information in our blog article “BPC vs. SAC“.

Integrated planning as a process

In addition to technological trends, companies should also anchor new planning approaches in their processes. Value-driven models as well as coordinated and integrated partial planning are just a few examples of modern approaches to designing planning processes. In doing so, we take all your company’s planning processes into account, be it strategic or operational planning. Our reference model can serve as a basis for this.

The organisation and also each individual employee, as the human being, should be considered and included in the considerations when designing planning processes. Transparency throughout the planning process should also play a role and is also a cornerstone of efficient planning solutions.

We work with you in interdisciplinary teams to develop suitable solutions for your company and taking business, technological and organisational aspects into account we help you build up a pioneering planning system and establish it in your company.

Our services

  • As-is analysis of existing planning processes – from a technical, business and organisational perspective (cultural change)
  • Assisting in the selection of tools based on your requirements
  • Specialist and technical concept design of planning applications (end-to-end)
  • Structuring data models in SAP BW and SAC for reference and planning data
  • Implementing planning applications with SAP BPC and SAP Analytics Cloud – Planning
  • Implementing AI-based simulation and prediction models
  • Implementing customer-specific planning functions using ABAP (-OO) or SQL script
  • Creating user-specific planning folders based on SAP Analysis Office, SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Lumira
  • Designing and implementing specific authorisations for planning
  • Establishment within the organisation (responsibilities, roles, decisions)
  • End-user involvement and training

Your benefits

  • Future-proof, modern planning solutions for better control and decision-making
  • Increased efficiency – automated planning in shorter cycles – planning phases lasting weeks or months are a thing of the past
  • Enhanced quality – modern planning approaches increase transparency and enable improved and comprehensible planning and forecasting results
  • Increased flexibility – modern planning applications allow for prompt adjustments to the environment and possible influencing factors
  • Improved analytical functions – in combination with modern analysis and reporting platforms based on high-performance data warehouse solutions (in-memory)
  • Extensive expertise through years of experience from numerous projects
  • Everything from one single source – from systemic consultants and business experts to technical BI and planning consultants and Data Science experts

Business Planning - workshop offers

An effort is being made to optimise the planning process in some departments or by some people with responsibility for this. In the workshop, we create a common understanding among all participants as to what added value lies in optimising the planning process for the company.

Time required: 4-8 hours
Online or as a face-to-face event

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In the workshop we work out the actual situation of the current planning. Who is responsible for planning, what is planned and which tools are used for this?

Time required: 4-8 hours
Online or as a face-to-face event

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The potential to optimise the planning process and the support offered by tools will be worked out during the workshop.

8 hours
Online or as a face-to-face event.

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With PIKON, we have found an experienced project partner for the modernisation of our data analytics landscape. I am sure that we have made the right decision with the SAP Analytics Cloud, also in order to remain future-proof. We produce considerable amounts of data every day. Good data management is unavoidable these days. With the SAP Cloud solution, we now collect this data centrally and use the insights as a basis for optimised decision-making processes.

Tomislav Tomac, SAP BI/BW Inhouse Consultant
Wörwag Pharma Gmbh & Co. KG

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