Buyer's Cockpit

... more than just a cockpit for SAP purchasing info records

SAP info record mass maintenance made easy

Are you looking for a purchasing info record tool that enables you to maintain SAP purchase info records (PIR) automatically in order to avoid manual errors and save time? Are you losing a lot of working time by constantly editing master data or price changes? The search for an SAP info record tool that not only facilitates the maintenance of info records, but also enables the transfer of supplier price lists directly into SAP, has come to an end. The PIKON Buyer’s Cockpit provides a remedy by not only making work processes more efficient, but also strengthening your negotiating position with suppliers in the long term.

More than just SAP info record maintenance: More negotiating power with price development analyses

The SAP add-on “Buyer’s Cockpit” from PIKON is more than just a purchasing info record cockpit. In addition to simple mass maintenance, it enables the seamless exchange of price information records between Excel and the SAP system. The Buyer’s Cockpit also impresses buyers with its powerful analysis and monitoring functions. This not only ensures simple data maintenance, but also provides targeted support for buyers in analysing price deviations and negotiating price adjustments. The application enables the export of large quantities of purchasing info records from SAP, whereby the updated data can be easily transmitted to suppliers. In addition, buyers can upload the updated data directly into their SAP system independently and without the intervention of the SAP IT department. Delta analysis and delta reporting create an effective basis for price negotiations, strengthening the negotiating position and maximising the potential for cost savings in a minimum of time.

Buyer's Cockpit

Our add-on solution for buyers

Learn about the PIKON Buyer’s Cockpit in a live demo and ask all your questions. We will be pleased to send you a quote for the Buyer’s Cockpit.

Features of the PIKON Buyer’s Cockpit

  • Improved basis for price negotiations and strengthened bargaining position vis-à-vis suppliers
  • Reduced manual operating effort
  • Saves time and money
  • Less prone to errors
  • Processing and evaluating of large quantities of data possible
  • Easy selection of data
  • Improved clarity


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Daniel Schneider-Ortscheit
Daniel Schneider-Ortscheit
Customer Success Manager