SAP Material Master Data Cockpit

Analyse, maintain, cleanse and correct your SAP Material Master Data

How the SAP Material Master Data Cockpit will help you

The SAP Material Master Data Cockpit is a powerful tool for analyzing master data related to a specific material or the entire material master. This user-friendly SAP ERP add-on provides you with a fast, detailed, and up-to-date overview of any material (or list of materials) in your SAP ERP system. At one glance, you can see the most important information from the various views (including classifications) of the material master. Furthermore, you can investigate whether or not the following attributes were created:

  • Info Records
  • Source Lists
  • Deletion Flags
  • Bills Of Material (BOMs)
  • Routings
  • Recipes
  • Production Orders
  • Sales Orders
  • Purchase Orders

This tool’s name, “Cockpit”, refers to an important functionality, allowing you to easily navigate to other transactions linked to the information in the report. Thanks to this feature, you can directly correct errors in the master data that were detected via the SAP Material Master Data Cockpit tool.

The SAP Material Master Data Cockpit also allows you to combine various selection options. Without this tool, you need to execute various standard SAP reports and reconcile them outside of the system to get the same information. This time-saving feature also enables you to track incorrect material master data via the selection of criteria that should not occur at the same time.

The output of the selection will result in a material master list at the plant level and can be exported to a Microsoft Excel file. If you have selected, for instance, one material and the company code, the system will issue one line for each plant for which the material has been created.

Features of the SAP Material Master Data Cockpit

  • Detection of master data, linked to the material (both on basic data and plant data level)
  • Usage of dynamic selections: generation of custom selection fields upon execution of the Cockpit transaction in SAP ERP
  • Advanced selection possibilities: standard material master data fields, classifications, purchasing master data, bills of material, routings, existence of orders (production orders, sales orders and/or purchase orders), existence of stock, etc.
  • Possibility to “jump” into other transactions right from the Cockpit
  • Output in ALV-format for an easy export functionality and for allowing the user to create a user-specific variant
  • Availability of dedicated buttons to indicate the last document numbers and the legend of the user-dependent “jump” selections
  • Extensive customisation settings (in cluster tables). These can be modified by your own IT team or by your own key-users. The customisation contains the fields to be shown in the output list and the fields that are used for the selection and the behaviour of the “jump” selection. Moreover, restrictions per user can be built in and the transaction to which the “jump” selection leads can be set per user

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