The customer is hereby allowed to use all downloaded objects in its full range for the given period of 30 days. After this time the usage of all PIKON objects contained by the downloaded files is prohibited without converting into a productive contract. In case of a regular usage this will be assured by reaching the due date of the provided license key and standard programs will abort due to that.
Also Changing, Copying and Reselling of any PIKON Code is not allowed.


The Customer is aware and accepts that given the current state of technology, it is impossible to develop software and internet applications which function without any errors under any circumstances imaginable. Because of that, PIKON solely guaran-tees that the deliverables and services meet the agreed requirements and essential features.
PIKON does not guarantee that the deliverables and services meet all the Custom-er’s requirements and work at any time, without delay, interruption or errors. PIKON accepts no liability in relation to the results of the use of the services or software.


PIKON offers the download of the following files:

  • Transport Files (co- and data-files) for customizing and workbench objects
  • Installation Guide and all files needed to execute the installation
  • User Manual

The following Services are only included for productive usage:

  • Support of the installation
  • Customizing of the add-on according to the Customer’s requirements
  • Maintenance is also only part of the productive contract and is then covered by an additional maintenance agreement and fee


The Terms and Conditions of the productive usage is described in the offer, the customer received with the download link via Email. By sending this signed offer to order@pikon.LÖSCHEN.com, a License key will be sent to the customer valid from this date on. Technically this is the only activity to be done to continue the usage of the PIKON product.


In order to establish a connection with the official Whitelist of the Polish tax author-ities, the Customer’s SAP system needs to be able to connect with the internet.
Important to mention is that no additional SAP licenses are needed for the imple-mentation and usage of PIKON’s “VAT Poland – Whitelist Check for SAP” solution.
For using the File provided by the Polish Tax Authority 7zip or a similar Unzipping Program must be installed on the SAP Server where the files are saved. This pro-gram must support unzipping file with operating systems command line execution in transaction SM69.
If the customer wants to use the Mail function, a Mail Server must be connected to the SAP System.