PIKON Password Self Service for SAP

Autonomous unlocking of the SAP user by the end user

Allow your end users to unlock their SAP user access securely by themselves with system support

As quickly and as easy as one two three: a wrong password is entered three times and the user is blocked. Now the IT or service desk is asked to reset the user’s password and unblock access. Taking up these employees’ time unnecessarily:
Provide your end users with a tool that allows them to unlock their SAP users themselves and assign a new password.

Our Solution

Let us show you the PIKON password self-service for SAP in a live demo and then ask us your specific questions.

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How the PIKON password self-service for SAP works

  • Simply place the link to the WebDynpro password self-service application on the SAP logon screen or on the intranet.
  • Once the user name is entered, the SAP system sends an email with a generated link that allows you to create a new password for a limited time.
  • Secure authentication by entering a token and the email address stored in the user master.
  • Your system’s password policies are taken into account.
  • A blacklist protects your technical users from misuse.
  • Installation is done using transport orders.


Daniel Schneider-Ortscheit
Daniel Schneider-Ortscheit
Customer Success Manager