Data Warehouse Cloud
Flexible analysis and reporting in real time

What is the Data Warehouse Cloud?

The Data Warehouse Cloud is SAP’s newest product and positions itself as a self-contained end-to-end warehouse in the cloud with predefined business content.

SAP released its latest product, Data Warehouse Cloud, at the end of 2019. It is based on SAP HANA Cloud and has embedded SAP Analytics Cloud. This means that both real-time analyses and modern reporting can be created and executed with high performance thanks to in-memory technology.

Different data sources, virtual or through replication, and existing data warehouses can also be integrated easily and quickly. What makes the Data Warehouse Cloud unique though are the Spaces, isolated work environments that can be divided into departments, teams or projects. Within the Spaces, employees can create independent data modelling and reporting without compromising centralised company data. Consequently, the Data Warehouse Cloud creates good IT governance on the one hand and more flexibility in departments on the other.

The Data Warehouse Cloud is particularly aimed at customers who want more flexibility and agility for data modelling in the company, who want to benefit from a modern front-end tool or who are not using a BW system yet.   

Your advantages with the Data Warehouse Cloud

The Data Warehouse Cloud is an independent end-to-end data warehouse and covers all areas such as business integration, database, data warehouse services and analytics.

SAP HANA Cloud with embedded SAP Analytics Cloud:

Isolated work environments (Spaces):

As a result, the Data Warehouse Cloud opens up the path to simplified and flexible analysis for all departments without jeopardising centralised company data


Modernise your business warehouse. Find out how you can do it.

Our services

We offer the following services:

  • New implementations of SAP Data Warehouse Cloud
  • Concept design (functional and technical)
  • Extraction, replication and real-time connection of data from a wide variety of sources
  • Implementation of data models & data flows to map business requirements
  • Design and implementation of authorisations
  • Support for hybrid solution projects

Your benefits

  • Integration of various data sources and on-premise systems, both by replicating data or virtually in real time.
  • Real-time analytics using the HANA Cloud
  • Better reporting due to modern front-end tool (embedded Analytics Cloud)
  • Flexible data modelling for agile BI processes in the company
  • Hybrid solutions for good IT governance and better business agility
  • Standardisation of cross-system databases
  • Data security – authorisation management
  • Scalability and distribution of resources as required
  • No maintenance costs

Analytics & Reporting

We are at your disposal for any question around Business Intelligence.


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