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Creating value through information which is available in the right place, at the right time and in the right form, that is the core of our Analytics range of services.

A modern data warehouse solution combined with the appropriate tools for data analytics, data discovery and predictive analytics are the basis for successful corporate management. They help you make better data-driven decisions (data-driven company) and therefore generate added value.

How to model your data for successful business management

For modern analytical applications to meet this demand and find broad acceptance, they must be flexible, agile and user-friendly in today’s world. We will be happy to support you in setting up the necessary database, selecting suitable tools and training end users. Together with you, we will take you on the road to becoming a data-driven company.

We not only see ourselves as IT experts but also as moderators and inspirers, for example when it comes to winning over specialist departments for new IT tools and processes and actively integrating them into the project. After all, a reporting or planning application only creates added value if it is accepted by the user.

Years of experience on numerous projects make us a reliable, honest partner. We guide and accompany you from the BI strategy, business/IT concept design, system architecture, data modelling, complex programming to the finished report or dashboard and beyond. In doing so, we provide everything from one single source. We are also happy to check your existing BI system for optimisation potential.



A modern and well-positioned BI system is the be-all and end-all for good decision-making. Check now how fit your system is.

We believe that our clients’ challenging issues are best solved by looking at them in a holistic context. That’s why we don’t just look at the technology but also the processes in your company and actively involve your experts and specialists.

Our Services

BI strategy - Your road to becoming a data-driven company

Business intelligence can help companies create a competitive edge – this is nothing new. However, it is not enough to build up an appropriate tool and system landscape – a business intelligence or data intelligence strategy is required that should be part of the corporate strategy.

BI strategy and corporate strategy are inextricably linked

The development or revision of a BI strategy should be done with the backing of management and with the involvement of all areas of a company. In the process, the organisational framework conditions, the departments’ business requirements and IT concerns should be included in the considerations. Agile project methods, self-service and artificial intelligence should also be addressed and considered. The question of the company’s cloud strategy is also addressed in the strategic process.


Thanks to our years of experience, our consultants are the ideal contacts when it comes to developing a tailored BI strategy and thus setting you on your road to becoming a data-driven company. In doing so, we never lose sight of your goal – creating added value through data, increasing competitiveness and employee satisfaction.


  • Presenting and implementing workshops
  • Supporting the definition of BI and data strategies
  • Developing technical roadmaps
  • Building up and establishing a BI Competence Centre
  • Defining customer-specific BI landscapes and BI architectures
  • Developing architectural policies
  • Integrating and establishing self-service
  • Setting up and developing data labs & analytical teams
  • Developing a data-driven culture in the company
  • Training and further education of employees in handling data/storytelling

Your benefits

  • BI strategy aligned with the corporate strategy
  • Coordinated BI roadmap
  • Standardised procedure for BI projects
  • Transparency across the entire BI process
  • Everyone involved has common understanding – management, departments, IT
  • Increase in data quality
  • End of data silos
  • Improved handling of data

Business Intelligence - Ensure the continuity and growth of your business with BI solutions


Reliable analyses in a wide variety of formats are necessary to ensure the continuity and growth of your company

  • Real-time analytics/operational reporting to ensure short reaction times (e.g. in the event of changes in customer behaviour or to increase efficiency in the company)
  • Standard reporting for strategic reporting using consolidated data from different sources (controlling, marketing, sales…)
  • Planning to be able to make medium and long-term decisions on the basis of well-founded data (budget, production, sales…)
  • Advanced analytics helps with the evaluation of big data and the application of predictive models, e.g. for future market orientation
  • Dashboards for the presentation of the most important KPIs or for the provision of complex enterprise applications with user interaction options on the desktop and as a mobile environment.
  • With augmented analytics you have the possibility to extract information from your data with simple questions without having to create explicit analyses.

Our services

We will be happy to support you with analysing your requirements and the resulting tool box selection. We support you throughout the entire process, from implementing the relevant tools, through the entire project duration to the go-live of your business intelligence projects. You can also count on us after project completion for further developments and maintenance tasks.

Your benefits

You can sustainably strengthen and expand your market position by using business intelligence solutions:

  • Market analyses help you remain competitive
  • Dashboards and stories clearly display key business figures. As a result, you always have an overview of the company’s situation, can identify weak points (e.g. drop in sales) and can take further action
  • With the help of advanced analyses (ad-hoc analyses, advanced analyses, digital boardroom) you can identify the cause of the problem and respond to it promptly
  • Adapt your processes to current customer situations
  • You save resources with the help of ready-made analyses throughout the entire BI spectrum.

Learn more on SAP Analytics

Operational Reporting

S/4HANA Embedded Analytics offers a contemporary way to analyse operational data in real time. A large contingent of ready-made analyses and hybrid solutions (jumping to transactions to process work lists, for example) is already delivered by SAP in the form of live tiles. The scope of these is constantly growing. In addition, customer-specific solutions can be implemented on the basis of virtual data models (created on the basis of CDS views).

The Fiori Launchpad is used for the display. In addition, any BI front-end tools can be used for display.

Your benefits

  • Apply the familiar BI analysis tools directly to your live data, without time-delayed data exports to an SAP BW.
  • Optimise your operational work with the help of KPI live tiles and hybrid solutions (analyses with transaction jumps).

Data Management - The basis of BI applications – the data warehouse

Data warehouse systems still form the basis of BI applications and are therefore the entry point for access to a company or a group’s standardised and historicised data. Reliability and high data quality are also key issues when setting up a data warehouse system. We will be happy to support you in building up a reliable database – your basis for operative and strategic decisions.

The advantages for you through using a data warehouse system

  • Integration of all enterprise data through extraction, replication or virtual access to all operational systems
  • Standardised view of all company data
  • Uniform mapping and calculation of company-wide KPIs
  • Data quality guaranteed
  • High performance access to your data
  • Data basis for your analytical applications, be it on-premise or cloud-based
  • Basis for your planning applications
  • Access control through standardised authorisation concepts

The demands on these systems are constantly increasing. Growing data volumes, heterogeneous data sources and a multitude of frontend tools are challenges encountered in this environment. Modern systems such as SAP BW/4HANA offer the necessary features.

Thanks to our many years of experience in setting up and implementing data warehouse systems, we are the ideal partner for your projects, whether they’re smaller extensions to data models or complete migration projects (SAP BW 7.x to BW/4HANA). We will be happy to support you from data extraction to process management.

It does not matter to us whether you prefer the classic project approach or agile project methods. Our DWH experts also think outside the box – we always keep an eye on the requirements of the frontend tools for data models or the processes in the ERP systems.

Our services

  • Requirement analyses
  • New implementations of SAP BW, SAP BW/4HANA & SAP HANA SQL DWH
  • Planning, concept design and implementation of migration projects from SAP BW to SAP BW/4HANA
  • Concept design (functional and technical)
  • Extraction, replication and real-time connection of data from a wide variety of sources
  • Implementation of data models & data flows for mapping business requirements (SAP BW 3.x to BW/4HANA or SAP DataWarehouse Cloud)
  • Data models structured according to LSA or LSA++
  • Design and implementation of authorisations (BW/HANA-native)
  • Support for release change and migration projects


Your benefits

  • Integration of a wide variety of data sources and upstream systems – also virtually and in real time
  • Standardisation of cross-system databases
  • Uniform definition and calculation of KPIs and key figures
  • Uniform data basis for all BI applications
  • Data security – authorisation management
  • Your DWH as a “single point of truth”

Bi-specific programming

From exit to complete BI application. Our claim is to provide our customers with the best possible solution. That is why our BI consultants attach great importance to optimal usability, flexibility and performance in each of their projects – both in terms of reporting by the users and in terms of the architecture and loading the system.

Much of this can be mapped using board tools such as the quite powerful BI and data warehouse system modelling tools. Where these resources are not sufficient, we resort to programming. In many cases, even a small programming intervention in the background can improve usability and therefore make the end user or IT’s everyday work easier.

The possibilities range from a simple user exit to a customer-specific extractor to an individual BI application, e.g. based on SAP UI5 or SAP Analytics Cloud.

It is important for us to be able to offer our customers everything from one single source. Due to our roots in ERP consulting, we have gained a deep understanding of the classical structures of the individual ERP modules over the years.

With the help of these additional implementations, loading processes can be optimised and streamlined, the predefinition of selection criteria and the possibility of customer-specific analytics and planning applications lead to improved usability and therefore make the end user’s everyday work easier.

Our services

  • Enhancing existing content extractors and implementing customised extractors in SAP ERP & SAP S/4HANA
  • Implementing complex, reusable transformation routines using ABAP OO and SQL script (e.g. currency conversions)
  • Implementing customer exit variables using a PIKON ABAP OO framework
  • Creating Bi-specific BAdI implementations
  • Implementing complete analytical and planning applications
  • Optimising processes using HAP, APD; own BI process types
  • SQL script programming in the BW/4HANA or BWonHANA environment and native HANA SQL DWH
  • Implementing ABAP CDS views, also for real-time access

Your benefits

  • Shorter development times for the implementation of complex extraction processes, which are not provided in the SAP standard
  • Implementation of agile end-to-end processes from one single source leads to shorter development times and less need for coordination
  • BI consultant with programming and process knowledge in BI and ERP
  • Short distances/exchange with colleagues from Custom Development & ERP

BI-Support - We take care of your BI application management

The importance of BI systems is constantly growing in companies. The demand on the systems’ availability and performance is increasing at the same rate. For these reasons, we believe it is essential to maintain and optimise the systems on a regular basis.

Aborted load chains, complex error analysis and performance problems are annoying and frequent tasks for a BI system administrator and cannot be managed on the side. However, regular activities such as importing support packages and tasks in period-end closing are also rather disruptive in the project business. Therefore, a long-term and successful partnership with our customers also includes support in the ongoing operation after the end of the project or the end of the Hyper-Care phase.


Our BI support services

  • BI-specific activities in period-end closing
  • Error analysis / validation of data (from source to target)
  • Planning and carrying out housekeeping tasks

Your benefits

  • Continuous optimisation of your system to ensure operation
  • Concentration on current BI projects and coordination with specialist departments
  • Workload taken off your BI colleagues (e.g. holiday replacements, month-end closing work, etc.)
  • Regular maintenance of your system
  • Permanent contact person for problems
  • We know your system and your users

You can find all information about our support and application management here:

Support and Application Management

Our services cover everything from simple user support to complete application management services.


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