SAP FI Postings Uploader

Upload SAP FI Postings from Excel to SAP

How the SAP FI Postings Uploader will help you

SAP FI Postings Uploader is a powerful tool that allows your users to upload Finance postings from Microsoft Excel files into your SAP ERP system. Through its predefined structure, the following financial and controlling postings are possible:

  • Posting of General Ledger Accounts
  • Posting of Customer Invoices
  • Posting of Vendor Invoices

Our Solution

Request a live-demo of our SAP FI Postings Uploader and learn how to save time when executing financial postings. If desired, you can also request a quotation.

Add-on: FI-CO Postings Uploader

Features of the SAP FI Postings Uploader

  • Upload of open items for Data Take Over (DTO) scenario’s
  • Upload of vendor invoices which split to several account assignment objects (cost centers, WBS elements, internal orders,…): It is possible, for example, to use a pre-defined layout which can be reused each month which contains e.g. all the needed cost centres. Upon the arrival of the invoice, you only need to add the amounts, change the header data and load the transaction
  • Upload of postings from external systems, such as HR applications

The upload file contains a header row and several line items per FI document. Several FI documents can also be created with one upload.

The upload can be started by using the transaction “/PIKON/FU1”. In the selection fields only the file name, decimal delimitation and program control need to be maintained.


By using the “SAP FI Postings Uploader” SAP add-on from PIKON, the time spent on mass postings, such as the monthly accruals at cost centre level, has been significantly reduced.

Using the PIKON Excel Sheet, changes (amounts, accounts, cost centres) for recurring postings can be made much more quickly and easily than with recurring postings in SAP.
The very simple usability of the tool is to be highlighted.

Head of Group Accounting
Aenova Holding GmbH


Daniel Schneider-Ortscheit
Daniel Schneider-Ortscheit
Customer Success Manager