Custom Development
Individual Programming for your competitiveness

Enhance your SAP system with individual add-ons

We simplify, automate and complete business processes beyond the limits of the SAP system.

Integrated PIKON SAP Add-ons are developed individually for each customer and are the customised addition to the ERP system for more

  • innovation
  • agility
  • competitiveness
  • productivity

in the business processes.

Our service -the 3 pillars of Custom Development


For all 3 pillars, we also offer support and maintenance after implementation, providing you with an all-round carefree package.

Our references

The biggest challenge in the ultimate implementation of the project was to get 500 users in our global sales structure using the new software as quickly as possible without losing efficiency by running legacy and new software concurrently.

Dietmar Markl
„e-ViS“ Project Management
Engel Austria


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Extended Workbench


Do you need resources? We complement your departments

Are you short on resources or expertise for certain topics? We offer support in maintaining, further developing and optimising your existing or new development projects in an uncomplicated way.

SAP Add-ons - Competitive advantage at crucial interfaces


Customised SAP add-ons

Whenever there is no standard product that meets your requirements at points which are critical for competitiveness, it is worth developing a customised product. We have our own products or develop them from scratch according to your needs.

PIKON add-ons are developed in innovative workshop concepts with the future users (design thinking). We see PIKON SAP add-ons as a fusion of customised in-house developments with the product idea. Because we are talking about a product, we also take care of the maintenance and adaptation to new SAP releases.

PIKON SAP add-ons

Do you need an SAP add-on?




Our expertise in the area of custom development does not stop at the end of the system, of course. As communication with suppliers, customers, partners or even between internal systems is becoming increasingly digital and automated, EDI management is one of our core business areas. We offer the entire range from the entry-level variant of direct system-to-system communication via IDOCs or RFCs to complex models with middleware and setting up communication templates.

When it comes to middleware, as an SAP partner and consulting firm, we have opted for the two SAP technologies:

  • SAP PI/PO currently still offers the largest range of features as an on premise variant and is the means of choice if you like to keep the entire EDI control in your own hands.
  • SAP Cloud Platform Integration is the equivalent to it in the cloud, as the name implies. The reduced administrative workload, automatic updates and content provided by SAP make this format interesting for our customers.

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Daniel Schneider-Ortscheit
Daniel Schneider-Ortscheit
Customer Success Manager
Daniel Bauer
Daniel Bauer
Head of Custom Development