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PIKON Buyer’s Cockpit Release Notes

The PIKON Buyer’s Cockpit has always offered great added value with its user-friendly and fast mass processing of purchasing info records as well as conditions and scales. Including the associated graphical reporting, it helps our customers both in negotiations with suppliers and in assessing the effects of price changes. In addition, it considerably reduces the processing time of the info records in the system. You can get an overview of the tool in the article “How to simplify the mass maintenance of purchasing info record data“.

As the continuous development of our products and the adaptation based on user feedback is very important to us, we would like to briefly present the most important innovations from version 2.0 as well as the planned new features on our roadmap.

Innovations in version 2.0 of the PIKON Buyer's Cockpit

With version 2.0 of our Buyer’s Cockpit, delivered in April 2023, we have added the following main features in addition to minor improvements and corrections:

Mass maintenance of source list entries

This addition enables you not only to create info records in mass in the system in a very simple way, but also to create or change the corresponding source list entries.

Advanced logic for upload and download

In addition to the possibility of maintaining the delivery times and order quantities in the info record directly in Excel, we now also offer the possibility of individually supplementing the data for uploading and downloading by implementing customer-specific logic in BAdIs. And all this with very little effort and a high degree of flexibility.

Improved user guidance

Thanks to feedback from users, we were able to implement further improvements, especially in the visual presentation of data, but also in the editing functionalities. For example, changes are now highlighted in a concise colour and the arrangement and functionality of the editing buttons have been adapted to user behaviour.

Preview: Planned extensions of the Buyer's Cockpit


But this will not be the end of our roadmap. In the short term, there will be an update to version 2.0, which will enable the maintenance of info records not only at material level, but also at material group level. However, this is only supported by SAP on a release-dependent basis.

Before the end of the year, we will publish another major release, version 3.0. In it, the mass maintenance of the Buyer’s Cockpit will be expanded to include scheduling agreements and contracts.

System-Demo and Quotation

System-Demo and Quotation

Learn about the PIKON Buyer’s Cockpit in a live demo and ask all your questions. We will be pleased to send you a quote for the Buyer’s Cockpit.

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