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Poland | Whitelist check with 3 integrated SAP solution scenarios

Since the autumn of 2019, the Polish Ministry of Finance introduced the “Whitelist of VAT Taxpayers” (= biała lista) regulation. In short, the Whitelist of VAT Taxpayers enables taxpayers to quickly and comprehensively verify the registry data of business partners in their SAP ECC or S/4HANA system. Initially, SAP decided not to provide a solution, but because of pressure from customers, SAP now provide their own solutions in SAP ECC and SAP S/4HANA to check business partners against the Polish government’s Whitelist for Taxpayers. This article will give you an overview of three solutions you can consider in order to make your SAP ERP system compliant with the new Polish legal requirement, including one effortless solution that works without cloud-based services and has no license costs: the PIKON SAP Add-On VAT Poland – Whitelist Check for SAP.

The standard SAP solution for Whitelist Poland through SAP Cloud Platform Integration

The first solution that we would like to convey, is the SAP Cloud Platform Integration (SAP CPI). SAP’s solution to compare suppliers with the Whitelist of VAT Taxpayers Poland is based on a Business Add-In (BADI) that works with flows for the SAP Cloud Platform Integration. The Business Add-In makes it possible to check whether the bank accounts of the current business partner based on the Polish Whitelist are valid for the following criteria:

  • creating and changing business partners
  • billing
  • creating automated payments

Are you already using SAP Cloud Platform Integration? If so, you don’t need to buy any additional licenses for SAP Cloud Platform Integration and this scenario works more or less “out of the box”. If you don’t have a valid license for SAP CPI yet, be aware that the additional costs might be pricey. From a strategic point of view, it might be hard to justify buying SAP CPI licenses only to activate the Polish Whitelist functionalities. However, there are two more solutions if you’d like to avoid this purchase.

The standard SAP on-premise solution for compliance with the Whitelist Check

In addition to the CPI solution, SAP also offer an on-premise solution. In one of SAP’s OSS notes, SAP describes quite well what needs to be done in the BADI in order to carry out the check without a cloud connection. For this, the logic is based on the Cloud Platform Flows and needs to be implemented as ABAP logic while configuring the interface of this BADI. Therefore, the SAP on-premise solution can be considered an assembly box with a manual, making it necessary to configure the Whitelist Poland solution in your SAP ECC or S/4HANA system yourself.

If you take a closer look at the content of the manual, you can see that the following steps are not easy to implement and it also difficult to fulfill the Polish requirements:

  • implementing many SAP OSS notes in order to use the relevant BADI
  • creating tables for saving the Whitelist
  • downloading the Whitelist file via WebService on a daily basis
  • unzipping the file using the operating system command
  • parsing the JSON file into the prepared database tables
  • creating hash keys and checking them against the database content

Be aware that this scenario requires the availability of resources with programming expertise in-house. Also, every future technical SAP update and any updates from the Polish government would need to be implemented as well.

The PIKON SAP Add-On ” Whitelist Check for Poland”: the all-round effortless package for compliance in SAP ECC and S/4HANA

The third solution scenario includes an SAP-integrated on-premise tool (both for SAP ECC and SAP S/4HANA) that doesn’t require expensive licenses and for which you don’t necessarily need programming expertise in-house. This is PIKON’s SAP Add-On “VAT Poland – Whitelist Check for SAP

Web-Meeting and Quotation

Web-Meeting and Quotation

Request a Web-Meeting and you will learn how our solutions works with your own SAP ECC or SAP S/4HANA system

Request a Web-Meeting and/or Quotation

What are the advantages of PIKON’s solution?

  • PIKON’s Add-On VAT Poland – Whitelist Check for SAP is an on-premise solution, which means that you can also use it without SAP Cloud Platform Integration.
  • You don’t need to take care of the manual, time-consuming configuration of your SAP system. All required steps, that are described in the SAP OSS note, are already implemented and tested in our SAP Add-On.
  • The new enhancements provided by SAP add even more functionalities to our add-on which means you can benefit from the combination.
  • With our solution, you can check your business partners (customers/ suppliers) in real-time against the Polish whitelist and set blocks accordingly. Additionally, you can un-block when you really need to during the incoming invoice, payment and master data processes.
  • With our maintenance service and regular updates, we guarantee that our solution is always up to date with the latest technical developments and thus you always comply with the Polish requirements and avoid severe penalties.
  • Our add-on can be implemented, maintained and updated at short notice with minimal effort. In other words, you’ll receive a stable, tested and error-free solution that we will permanently adapt to current conditions.

The PIKON Add-On “VAT Poland – Whitelist Check for SAP” is now available with a new, competitive price. Please click here to plan an informational web-meeting and receive a non-binding quotation.

Why PIKON is a strategic partner for compliance with global legal requirements in SAP

With our Competence Centre for Legal Requirements, PIKON is a strategic partner who ensures that our customers’ SAP ERP systems and processes meet various country-specific legal requirements. Our team of experts bundle SAP expertise and extensive knowledge of country-specific regulations and has gained a lot of project experience over the years. This ranges from country-specific legal requirements, such as e-invoicing in Mexico (CFDI), Italy (SDI), Spain (SII), VAT reporting in the UK (MTD-VAT), e-accounting with SAF-T in France, Portugal and Poland to accounting standards such as lease accounting under IFRS16 and SEPA. Whitelist Check Poland is therefore a topic that we are continuously monitoring and for which we ensure long-term compliance – both from a technical and process perspective.

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