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Employees in IT face significant challenges in keeping up with digitization and the complexity of modern IT systems. We provide your IT department with the necessary space to focus on their core tasks by taking over daily 2nd and 3rd level support for SAP BI, SAP ERP, and software development. Additionally, we ensure that your systems remain up-to-date with global legal requirements.

We prioritize high quality through PIKON’s in-house resources instead of anonymous offshore call centers.

Digital Transformation Challenges for your IT: How to address them effectively

IT departments face a multitude of intricate and demanding tasks and challenges. On one hand, they must continuously align operational process requirements with their implementation in IT systems. This demands close collaboration and a deep understanding of the company’s business objectives. On the other hand, IT departments must be well-versed in global regulatory requirements and ensure their implementation in systems and processes. Non-compliance with such regulations can have severe consequences.

Internal resource constraints, a tense political climate, and the ongoing shortage of skilled personnel compel many companies to outsource parts of their IT tasks, further emphasizing the need for cost transparency. Managing expenses and performance is crucial. The role of IT has evolved from mere implementation to being a facilitator of business success, carrying significant strategic responsibility for IT leaders who must allocate resources for transformation.

In particular, complex transformation projects like the adoption of S/4HANA or BW/4HANA often consume substantial IT resources, adding to the complexity of addressing other challenges.

Overall, the modern IT landscape demands a broad spectrum of skills and a thoughtful strategy to successfully confront these challenges.


We are very satisfied with the support provided by PIKON and their integrated partner TakeASP!

The service agents are always helpful and think in the best interest of zwissTEX. Their high expertise allows them to quickly and competently address challenging inquiries. The independent handling of issues not only significantly relieves our internal IT but also provides additional support to key users in specialised departments.

Wolfgang Chodura, Head of ITS
zwissTEX Germany GmbH

This is how we support you with our Full-Service SAP Support Concept

  • Second/Third Level Support
  • Acceptance, processing & monitoring of tickets
  • Scheduling & monitoring of process chains
  • System analysis and performance optimisation
  • Creating documentation
  • Carrying out functional and technical tests (e.g. for support package upgrades)
  • Training

Support and Application Management at PIKON

Through our standardized PIKON Support Concept and over 25 years of experience, we offer you the following added value:

  • A central point of contact for your SAP-related issues.
  • Easy incident reporting through the web-based Jira ticketing system.
  • A dedicated contact person for the support process: You have a Single Point of Contact (SPOC) through the PIKON Engagement Manager.
  • “Glocal” approach => Global perspective with local knowledge/local resources: SAP Incidents Management from Europe, no offshore call center where you get stuck in a queue, instead, PIKON’s own experienced resources.
  • Optimization and maintenance of your system through continuous adaptation to your business processes.
  • An onboarding concept that addresses essential questions about your existing system and applications in advance.
  • Relief for your colleagues (e.g., handling vacation replacements, month-end tasks, etc.).
  • Transparent (cost) concept: Your support costs and required resources are precisely manageable.
  • We have experience in various industries, such as machinery and plant engineering (Make-to-order, Engineer-to-order), automotive, and chemistry.

Support and Application Management

How we support you

Find out how you can set up 2nd and 3rd level support more effectively and cost-efficiently and get valuable input for the further development of your SAP systems and developments. Arrange a non-binding consultation with our support specialist Andreas Adam.

Your road to the Application Management Service at PIKON

Analysis / Onboarding process

Analysis / Onboarding process

In an analysis workshop, we look at your systems and processes. The aim of this procedure is to gain a precise understanding of your system landscape and your processes. Through a standardised concept, we work out how the support must be structured so that we can support you optimally.

Request Analysis Workshop
Customised AMS concept

Customised AMS concept

You receive the concept created on the basis of the analysis workshop for application management services individually adapted to your needs. This includes, among other things, the SLAs, the configuration of the ticket portal and the representation of the support process for your company.

Start of the Application Management Service

Start of the Application Management Service

We process your incidents and change requests. If our employees recognise potential for optimisation through the clustering of topics or the work on your support topics, we will of course point this out to you.

The distribution of tasks between your own support organisation and PIKON can be arranged flexibly. We can take over level 2 or 3 support, depending on your requirements:

Support funnel (example)

PIKON SAP support procedure according to the ITIL-Standard

You enter tickets for your problems/incidents or change requests via a central access to the PIKON support system (jira). The further procedure is as follows:

  • Tickets can be entered at any time by the people nominated by the customer. Customer-specific information can also be attached to the ticket.
  • The user does not need to know the right contact person at PIKON. The person responsible for processing is automatically assigned by our support organisation.
  • The processing status as well as the entire communication regarding the ticket and its solution can be viewed at any time in the portal. As a standard procedure, the ticket creator is also informed of all changes to the ticket by email.
  • You do not have to order support for every single incident. The support contract regulates the support over the defined term.
  • You receive a monthly statement of actual expenses, which ensures full transparency of costs.

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