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Technologies and data play an important role in digitisation. They become the driver for ever simpler and faster processes. However, this also changes the previous business processes and procedures. The boundaries between IT and specialist departments are becoming more and more blurred. That requires a new understanding for one another. The winners of digitization include companies that skillfully combine the factors of people, information technology and business administration.

3-Point Strategy-Consulting – Partners on the same level

We rethink IT consulting and develop an individual solution proposal, adapted to your situation and your problem:

  • We examine your current processes, your business issues and identify optimization potential.
  • We not only consider processes and systems and their interfaces, but also the people in your company who increasingly have to keep pace with them in the digital transformation.
  • We do this on the basis of our 25 years of consulting experience.
  • We do this with a unique and new way of thinking about communication in projects.
  • We do this with interdisciplinary teams, composed of the best minds from the various PIKON competence areas.
  • We know your industry-specific challenges and solve them.

Become a winner of the digital transformation with us!


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The digital economy is running at full speed and digitisation is disrupting how businesses operate nowadays. Our Whitepaper gives you orientation and helps to derive fields of action around the new digital backbone SAP S/4HANA.

The starting point and core of our company is the 3-Point-Approach: Technology is the key driver for simplifying and speeding up business processes. We have to create conditions for people to become involved in change projects for these effects to actually show and be felt. That’s what PIKON is all about.

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Organisational and Change Management

You lead your company through digital change and are challenged by opposition? Our systemic consultants will help you through this process. 


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