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PIKON 3-Point-Approach in mechanical and plant engineering

Mechanical and plant engineering is one of the showcase sectors in Germany, supplying outstanding products and services globally. However, in spite of its strong competitive position, the sector is also exposed to a few challenges which we can arrange into the aspects

  • Business Management & Processes
  • IT & Tools
  • People & Organisation

according to the PIKON 3-Point-Method.

As your experienced and competent IT consultants and partners in mechanical and plant engineering, we are one of 3,500 members of the “Mechanical Engineering Industry Association VDMA”, which is seen as one of the strongest networking organisations and mouthpiece of the sector.

PIKON 3-Punkt-Ansatz

People & Organisation

How you systematically raise underestimated optimisation potential through com-munication and change management.


IT & Tools

Standard solutions and individual products


Business Management & Processes

Best practices from 25 years of consulting experience

With its courteous service and on-time deliveries, PIKON is one of our most important business partners. The reliable cooperation consistently makes a valuable contribution to our success.

Franz Josef Niedermeier
Managing Director, Erhard GmbH


A selection of our customers from the mechanical and plant engineering industry:

Overcoming challenges in mechanical and plant engineering

Learn from specific examples in our whitepaper from finance and accounting, how the CIO and CFO can work together to develop a target vision and procedure model to counter the strategic challenges. Or get deeper information via our articles.

Sector solutions in mechanical and plant engineering
  • Challenges in finance and accounting
  • Mastering methods, processes and systems
  • On the basis of concrete examples

Whitepaper by Jörg Hofmann and FAS AG

Article, Controller Magazin​
Parallelism of project and product business in mechanical and plant engineering
  • Differences between project and product business
  • Challenges for controlling
  • Practical solution approaches

by Jörg Hofmann, Controller magazine July/August 2018. Only available in German

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Jörg Hofmann
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