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Unfortunately, the “human” factor is still systematically underestimated and approached completely independently from the other areas. Here, it is frequently noticed that process and organisational changes have effects on the people, and that IT innovations can seriously change day-to-day working. Even just for demographic reasons, companies cannot afford for there to be a lacking acceptance of changes.
It is becoming increasingly clear that business management problems can no longer be solved without IT support. On the other hand, there must be a clear business case for the numerous new solutions.

Sample areas for IT & Tools in mechanical and plant engineering

Roles in project business

For a successful customer project in mechanical and plant engineering, many departments must work together productively. What roles do you need for the project business, how should they be organised and how should the processes at the department interfaces be designed?


Project communication and change management

Employee motivation in change processes

When change projects become difficult, this often boils down to the “human” factor. Today, the necessity of change management is recognised almost everywhere, however there is a lack of project communication within the business. Here, the first mistake is that the “What” and “How” of the project is discussed in detail, but not the “Why”. Yet the latter is crucial if employees are to make sense of a change process. You can only achieve optimal results if the affected employees can identify their personal opportunity from the change (“What’s in it for me?”).

The role of the communicator in the project

The second mistake is viewing the project communication as a (tiresome) project management task. We believe that a project manager does not necessarily make a good project communicator, because they themselves are often affected by the changes. We therefore advocate for a separate communication role within the project. This person identifies all the relevant stakeholders as early as the project preparation phase and ensures that these stakeholders are provided with suitable information for their target group throughout the whole project.

Further information

Organisational­ and Change Management

Are you leading your company through change and facing the challenge of breaking down resistance? Our systemic consultants support you in this process.


Productivity Management

Mechanical and plant engineers must compete globally in terms of costs, and therefore must permanently improve their productivity. Corresponding improvement programme where employees can put forward their suggestions are widespread but unfortunately, they frequently don’t bear fruit, on a chronic scale. How can you motivate employees to participate in and put forward their ideas for productivity programmes? Benefit from our experience from a prize-winning Siemens project: PUMA Boost (Produktivität Umsatz Material Assets, i.e. productivity, revenue, material, assets).


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Lessons Learned

Very few mechanical and plant engineering companies carry out a “Lessons Learned” workshop once a customer project is complete, even though this is best practice. If the workshop is carried out, it frequently amounts to those involved passing the buck to one another for problems that occurred. We can show you how to organise, prepare for and carry out a Lessons Learned workshop in the optimal way; how to avoid the popular “finger-pointing” and how you can learn from successes instead of from mistakes.


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