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Challenges for the mechanical and plant industry

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In the field of business management, the balance between increasingly individual customer requirements (batch size 1) and simultaneous standardisation of products/components, as well as process harmonisation must be managed.

It is becoming more and more clear that business management problems can no longer be resolved without IT support. On the other hand, there must be a clear business case for many new solutions.

Example processes for the mechanical and plant engineering industry

Offer Process

Offer workshop for the creation of effective and efficient quotations

How do you generate an attractive, competitive offer in mechanical and plant engineering with an amount of effort which is proportionate to the low hit rate? We show you best practices from more than 25 years of consulting experience in the project business. Using the example of the offer workshop, you learn how to bring together the right experts within your company in order to generate an effective and efficient offer.

Sales/project management interface

Sales processes in mechanical and plant engineering are something special and the sales engineer is an important point of contact for your customers. But for how long should sales follow a customer project and how should a handover to project management be done? Learn from best practices from more than 20 years of project experience.


Risk management the enquiry/offer phase

Offering complex projects at fixed prices constitutes an economic risk in and of itself. Added to this are technical, regulatory and political risks. We show you which risks you need to keep an eye on and how to document them, take them into consideration in calculation and manage them. the order phase

Consistent project risk management does not end with placement of an order by the customer. We show you how to establish and maintain integrated risk management.


Use of configurable products

Is it possible to reduce complexity and costs in mechanical and plant engineering by standardising solutions and products (more)? There is no universal answer to this, but you should always take a look at the possibilities of product configuration. Even for truly one-off solutions, there are often configurable products or components in the depths of the parts list which do not need to be developed from scratch every time. Check with us to discover to what extent the complexity can be reduced for you.

The relationship between number of units and the complexity

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Standardised project structures

Customer projects in mechanical and plant engineering are unique, but it must still be possible to compare projects with one another within the context of project controlling. A standardised project structure which models the entire financial life cycle is ideal for this. We show you what standardised elements a project structure should have and how you can appropriately model a technical component structure.

Beispiel einer Projektstruktur

Investment management

In mechanical and plant engineering, significant investments are needed to develop and build leading technical solutions. We show you how to efficiently plan, commission, approve and monitor investments.


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