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innovative and modern communication concept

Awakening enthusiasm via new communication

We have worked for Siemens for many years, predominantly on projects for the optimisation of business processes on the basis of SAP ERP and SAP Business Intelligence systems. In addition to the technical and business expertise, we were also sought-after as communicators for the implementation of the necessary changes.

The idea thus arose at Siemens of using these communication skills in other projects as well. The Siemens Group has a system for systematically improving productivity – PUMA! In principle, all employees can and should make suggestions for appropriate measures. Teamwork, including across departments, was also desirable. The Oil & Gas division has been looking for new ways to motivate employees to use this programme since the start of 2010.

After a few rounds at Siemens, Dirk Hahnrath (PIKON Deutschland AG supervisory board and Managing Director of and PIKON executive Jochen Scheibler developed an innovative and modern communication concept. PUMA Boost was launched!

The PUMA Boost World Tour, with events in Europe, Asia and America, was a key element. Here, the employees were informed and motivated to get involved using various drivers on a personal and professional level. The motivation coach Christian Bischoff was also on board with exciting emotional incentives.

After the World Tour, the PUMA Boost Local Living Initiative started at the respective sites. This was intended to permanently anchor the topic of productivity in the organisation and intertwine it with day-to-day operations.
The project was accompanied from the outset by intensive media work – the “media boost”. The Intranet, video messages and extensive film material from the World Tour formed the foundation.  All employees in the division were informed of the latest news concerning PUMA in a quarterly podcast.

The PUMA song written by Dirk Hahnrath, who is also a musician, was a particular highlight. He took on production together with Gero Drnek, one of the leading figures of the band “Fury in the Slaughterhouse”.

The project started in 2010 and was nominated as one of the 3 (!) most successful projects in the Siemens Group in the category “cost optimisation & financial excellence” in 2012.

“Puma Boost is sheer enthusiasm for productivity management.”



Carsten Knappe-Finger, Productivity Management Coordinator Siemens AG, Dresser Rand Business Unit


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Martina Ksinsik
Martina Ksinsik
Customer Success Manager
Jochen Scheibler
Jochen Scheibler
CEO PIKON Deutschland AG