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FI Uploader – post documents with Excel without SAP interface

Large number of manual postings

Are you familiar with any of the following challenges, and have you always been seeking a quick and pragmatic solution without the laborious, high-cost integration of a SAP interface?

  • As part of the month-end closing process, it is always necessary to make numerous manual postings in the financial accounting (e.g. the posting of provisions per cost centre).
  • Postings from upstream systems (such as the payroll accounting, web shop, check-out system, travel expenses accounting) have to be transferred manually.
  • When completing a data transfer from an existing system, it is necessary to transfer large quantities of open items, but no tools are available for such a task.

Automation with the SAP FI Postings Uploader

The “SAP FI Postings Uploader” SAP add-on which has been developed especially in our company is a powerful tool that enables the user to generate financial accounting documents from an Excel file.

At present, the following business transactions are supported:

  • G/L account postings
  • Posting of a customer invoice
  • Posting of a supplier invoice

In this way, the SAP FI Postings Uploader is a general tool that can be used from the end user in a creative manner. It includes the possibility to enrich formulas or macros and is suited for high volume upload applications of bookings that are already available in digital form and only need to be converted into a standard template.

To be more specific, the following application cases are supported:

  • Uploading of open items for data transfers.
  • Posting of periodic documents, such as monthly invoices:
    for example, it is possible to use a predefined layout that can be reused every month (e.g. the monthly mobile phone bill) and which contains all the required cost centres. When the invoice arrives, you simply add the amounts, change the header data, and upload the posting to your SAP system.
  • Uploading postings from external systems, such as HR applications.
  • Adjustment postings in the scope of the month-end closing.

The upload file contains a header and several item lines.

Excel Screenshot

The upload can be initiated in SAP ERP with a specific transaction code. In the selection fields, it is only necessary to set the file name. Thereafter, it is possible to run a test and control the file.

Screenshot FI-Upload Excel file

System requirements for the SAP FI Postings Uploader

The SAP FI Postings Uploader supports all of the standard SAP versions, from ECC 6.0 to S/4HANA.


Our “SAP FI Postings Uploader” offers you the following advantages:

  • Time saving and reduction of errors, as fewer manual steps are required for the postings
  • Lower workload
  • Flexibility, as postings from other systems (e.g. external tax consultant) are possible.
  • Easy, intuitive operation through the connection to Excel
  • Compatibility with all SAP systems, from ECC 6.0 to S/4HANA.
  • Rapid implementation in your existing system due to the straightforward structure of the tool
  • No high-cost or time-consuming programming required
  • Low maintenance
  • Cost savings due to faster posting processes and lower personnel placement

If the SAP FI Postings Uploader has sparked your interest, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can also do contact me by leaving a comment at the end of the article. We will be pleased to demonstrate the tool to you at a live demo:

Our solution

Our solution

Request a live demo of SAP FI Postings Uploader and we will show you how to save time on your financial postings. We will also be happy to provide you with a quote upon request.
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