BI FITNESS & System check
How fit is your BI system?

For your own fitness, sport is just as important as a healthy diet. That’s why we also look at your BI system in a holistic context.

Do the fitness check with us: in a workshop with your IT.


Your BI system lives, it grows constantly with every new requirement and every new application. This also increases the demands on resources, infrastructure and architecture as well as on sensible house-keeping. Regular control and readjustment of the system is therefore essential.

How reliable is your SAP BI architecture? Are there any terminations or long-runners during loading? Are your users satisfied with the quality and timeliness of the reporting? Are the planning processes performing well? Are you perhaps planning to take the first steps towards BW/4HANA or do you want to further exploit the possibilities of a modern BW/4HANA architecture? In other words: How fit is your BI system? To answer these questions, it is not only worth taking a look at database and basic settings, but also at architectures that have matured over the years and often hold hidden potential. Loading times, for example, can often be drastically reduced by small but targeted interventions. At the same time, it is necessary to look at the entire ETL process – from extraction to the frontend tool – in a holistic context in order to exploit its full potential.


The BI FITNESS & SYSTEM CHECK consists of three components:

  1. The BASIC ANALYSIS includes a standardised procedure in which basic aspects such as release status, system load, fast-growing tables, house-keeping measures, etc. are analysed and evaluated. In addition, existing architecture guidelines and naming conventions are analysed and their compliance is checked.
  2. In the FOCUS ANALYSIS, we look at critical ETL or planning processes, as well as reports and dashboards, together with your IT experts (in a holistic coaching approach), with the aim of uncovering potential for improvement and achieving quick wins.
  3. As a result, you will receive a BI-FITNESS-GUIDE, which contains clear recommendations for action on how to make and keep your BI system fit for the future.

We are sure that your BI system also offers optimisation potential that can be used to reduce operating costs, for example. We look forward to discovering these together with you so that you are well positioned for the challenges of the future.

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