SAP ABAP Documentation Generator

Automatically generate technical SAP ABAP Documentation

How the SAP ABAP Documentation Generator will help you automatically create your own ABAP technical documentation

The SAP ABAP Documentation Generator is an easy and smart PIKON add-on for SAP ERP to generate a well-formatted Microsoft Word document from the comments in your own custom software developments (e.g. a package, a transport order, etc.). All the long texts in the developed objects are read out and are converted to a coherent continuous text, which is exported as a Microsoft Word or as a Microsoft Word XML file. This tool has an intuitive multilingual user interface and enables you through a built-in customising feature to adjust the level of detail with which the documentation needs to be compiled. 

Features of the SAP ABAP Documentation Generator:

  • Indication of missing or incomprehensible parts in the existing documentation of a custom software development
  • Functionalities to read out all the ABAP comments and convert them at the push of a button into a well-formatted Microsoft Word document or into a Microsoft Word XML file, including all the objects (e.g. objects in a package, transport order, etc.)
  • Good way to assess the potential risks when you are taking over software (transition phase)
  • Elimination of errors that are unavoidable when you would create the documentation manually (copy & paste)
  • Easy updates of external existing documentation
  • Intuitive multilingual user interface
  • Built-in customising to indicate which objects are to be documented (= adjustable level of detail)
  • Documentation is made centrally available in SAP, so anyone can access the latest documentation version


You pay a monthly license fee for the period you want to use the SAP ABAP Documentation Generator, with a minimum term of 3 months. The amount of the fee depends on the number of users that will use the SAP ABAP Documentation Generator. Please fill out the form for a detailed quotation.

After you have confirmed the order, you receive a license key that expires after the agreed usage period. Hereafter, the license key can be easily renewed with a new order.

System Requirements

Our SAP ABAP Documentation Generator works with SAP Basis Component Release 702 or higher.

Why you need the SAP ABAP Documentation Generator

  • Gain time and save on costs (the SAP ABAP Documentation Generator is able to create software documentation in 2 minutes, whereas performing this job manually would take up to 2 mandays)
  • Always have reliable and up-to-date software documentation centrally available
  • Be able to track all aspects of all your software applications at any time
  • Enable knowledge transfer to other software developers
  • Avoid knowledge about software applications being attached to individual persons
  • Eliminate risks with regards to poor maintainability and further development of your software applications
  • Avoid software developers redeveloping software applications from scratch
  • Automatic generation of centrally available (external) documentation, based on existing internal documentation


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