SAP S/4HANA Strategy
Developing the migration procedure that is right for your company

You have the task of developing the S/4HANA strategy but you are still in the initial phase and are asking yourself the following questions:

  • How does introducing S/4HANA impact business processes? The organisational structures and master data? The staff? Where are adjustments to the system essential, what is optional?
  • Which migration scenario is right for you?
  • What is a possible timetable? What budget should be planned?
  • How can I justify the investment to management?

Then our S/4HANA strategy workshop is a good introduction for you. Building on the 3-point approach of PIKON (people, IT, business management) and our experience in introducing S/4HANA, we design a S/4HANA strategy workshop for you and your employees, which will answer these questions. Based on our experience. Guaranteed without glossy slides but with a great deal of practical experience, inspiration and incentives.

  • In an initial telephone call we will clarify where you are at the moment and what the focus should be in the workshop. Based on this, we will offer you a workshop tailored to your needs.
  • The workshop will be conducted by an experienced S/4 consultant who will make the S/4HANA SAP black box introduction manageable for you.
  • The workshop can be conducted at your location or remotely by video conferencing.
  • They know the added value of S/4HANA, but also the opportunities and risks of this kind of project.
  • After the workshop, you will know which migration approach is right for you and what your future target architecture will look like.
  • You will receive a clear expert recommendation for your S/4HANA roadmap including a possible timeline and a rough budget estimate.
  • You also know the stumbling blocks and risks of introducing S/4HANA and can secure your investment in time.
  • You have the necessary background information to create a valid proposal document for management.

1 day

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