Become a data-driven company with the PIKON maturity model
Solve 6 problem areas and derive a roadmap
Would you like to take the next step towards becoming a data-driven company, but are still struggling with numerous (sub-) plans in Excel or an outdated BI solution without a common database? Do you find it difficult to make data-driven decisions due to a lack of transparency and real-time data? Do you feel lost in a sea of spreadsheets and unclear correlations, which impairs the efficiency of your work? Do you want to modernise your business planning but don’t know where to start?
Our aim is to use the PIKON maturity model to show you which adjustments you can make so that you can say goodbye to time-consuming and error-prone Excel spreadsheets or poor BI solutions. We support you in setting up integrated business planning that is not only up-to-date, but also creates a solid foundation for predictive planning & forecasting and comprehensive integrated financial planning. Discover the benefits of a data-driven company with us and say goodbye to manual, time-consuming Excel processes and data silos.
Categorise the current status of your business planning into DATA AWARE, DATA SAVVY
DATA DRIVEN based on 6 fields of action.
The PIKON maturity model for integrated planning not only considers process-related or technological aspects, but also the organisational and cultural conditions – indispensable cornerstones for data-driven decisions.

With the PIKON maturity model you get:

  • Defined target states for various areas with comprehensive questions (20 core questions) for self-assessment.
  • Detailed development phases on the way to the target state offer support for self-reflection.
  • Hints on optimisation potential (quick wins) enable an efficient improvement process.
  • Orientation for your individual roadmap provides clear steps.
The PIKON maturity model serves as a guide for integrated, agile and flexible business planning. Determine the current phase of planning in your company and identify targeted optimisation potential. Get clear steps that lead to a customised roadmap for your company and pave the way to becoming a data-driven company. Download the PDF now and optimise your planning process!


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