PIKON Maturity Model for your Business Planning
Discover your optimisation potential

Dynamic times call for flexible, automated and integrated applications for planning, forecasting and scenario planning, which are vital to a company’s success. Strategic and operational planning are indispensable instruments in leadership and management in successful companies and form the basis on which a company can make the best possible decisions. Integrated planning supports not only the planning process itself, it also makes it possible to maintain a continuous exchange between the various stakeholders in and outside the company.

Uncertain and dynamic times are especially trying for planning and forecasting processes, the systems used for them and the structures within companies. Modern planning and analytics systems can help give a holistic overview of the entire company – flexible and dynamic adaptation possibilities are essential here. New approaches to planning, such as e.g. value-driven planning, help keep the focus on the essentials. And just as important, an open and data-oriented corporate culture creates the necessary transparency in the planning process.   

Our PIKON maturity model for planning and analysis processes looks not only at the process-related or technological aspects, but also considers the organisational and cultural circumstances in the area of integrated planning processes – important cornerstones for data-based decision-making.

  • Defined target states for different areas (from the management view through to business processes and up to data storage/visualisation) with various issues as an aid for own assessment.
  • Detailed development phases on the way towards the target state – aid for self-assessment
  • Information on optimisation potentials (quick wins)
  • Orientation for your own individual roadmap

The PIKON maturity model helps you find your way to an integrated, agile and flexible business planning. What phase of the planning is your company in right now? Find optimisation potentials, steps that will benefit your company, and get a first orientation for your company-specific roadmap to become a data-driven company.



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