Planning Module 3: Tool strategy for digital planning
Developing potential for optimisation

We show you how you can integrate your planning process technically as well. At the end of the workshop, you will be able to assess which tool is best suited to map your requirements for an integrated planning process on the basis of the information gathered. This is only an initial assessment though. Further analyses/workshops may be necessary for a final decision on the tools.


  • CFO
  • Controlling
  • Group controlling
  • People responsible for planning from the areas of sales, marketing and human resources

There is already a planning process which is already integrated in terms of business management but is still fragmented on the tool side and offers potential for optimisation.


During this workshop we will work out answers to the following questions together:

  • Which target groups are there and what requirements do they have for a planning tool?
  • How simple or complex is our planning process and its sub-processes?
  • What potential for optimisation do we see with regard to tools?

If required, we can also present the SAP planning tools in question with corresponding examples during this workshop.


Since the initial situation in companies is very different when it comes to planning, the remit is clarified in depth before the workshop. While clarifying the remit, we check whether your expectations match the planned content. If this is not the case, appropriate adjustments can be made.


We work both online and in face-to-face events with innovative workshop concepts that always involve the participants 100% in the results of the workshop and therefore ensure that the workshop outcome contains added value for the company.


8 hours
Online or as a face-to-face event

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