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COMPLIANCE UPDATE! Mexico announced CFDI 4.0 from 2022

Since 2017, CFDI 3.3 (Comprobante Fiscal Digital por Internet) has been in force in Mexico. However, the Mexican tax authorities SAT does not stand still and has now introduced the fourth version CFDI 4.0, as the newest version of e-invoicing in Mexico.


UPDATE: the Mexican tax authorities SAT postponed the mandatory implementation of CFDI 4.0 to January 1st 2023!

The Mexican tax authorities are granting Mexican companies an extended transition period. Originally, the deadline for compliance with CFDI 4.0 requirements was May 1, 2022. Now the deadline has been retrospectively pushed back to January 1, 2023, giving businesses more time to comply with the new e-invoicing requirements. From January 1, 2022, the new version will already be accepted by the SAT.

What is new in CFDI 4.0?

The changes which will be introduced won’t be as drastic as those which were introduced by CFDI 3.3. For instance, at that time, Complemento de Pago was introduced, which was a major change for companies.

For CFDI 4.0 there will be changes in four areas:

  • E-invoicing CFDI 4.0
    New version including new catalogues developed by SAT
  • Withholding tax
    Includes new field changes
  • Complemento de Pago
    A new version of the payment complement will be introduced
  • Cancellation request
    The cancellation reason field will become mandatory to fill in

At the moment, SAP is developing its SAP Document & Reporting Compliance solution for Mexico to ensure compliance with the update to CFDI 4.0. As soon as the solution is published this blog post will be updated, and I will explain how the solution will cover the new requirements.

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Do you have any questions about Mexico’s CFDI regulations? 

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Sifeddine Salhane
Sifeddine Salhane
Sifeddine Salhane was an SAP ERP Consultant at PIKON Benelux in Genk, Belgium with the focus on the integration between the SAP SD and the SAP FI modules. Within our international PIKON group, he was part of PIKON’s Competence Center for Legal Requirements.

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