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Optimisation of the creation and distribution of SAP ERP reports

Optimisation of the creation and distribution of SAP ERP reports at WITTE Automotive GmbH

Optimised distribution of SAP reports using the “SAP ERP Report Distributor” developed by PIKON


Since 1899 WITTE Automotive has represented innovative and powerful know-how in the development and production of technical solutions for locking and latching systems. Today, they are a global operating company supplying all well-known vehicle brands with WITTE Automotive latches, hinges, lock sets and door handles.

Initial Situation

When WITTE Automotive approached PIKON regarding an SAP ERP Report Distributor, they like many other companies, were facing the problem that many new SAP ERP reports were being created within each SAP ERP system because the SAP standard did not suffice and this was in addition to the many SAP reports that were already being used.

WITTE Automotive field staff in particular, as well as internal employees required the same reports time and again and wished to have final reports sent to them instead of creating them each time themselves. Employees in the field did not have regular access to the SAP system but they could access their e-mails.

How PIKON optimised the creation and distribution of SAP ERP reports at WITTE Automotive GmbH

WITTE decided that it would be much easier if constantly recurring reports were sent by e-mail at regular monthly and weekly intervals and so chose PIKON’s SAP ERP Report Distributor as the tool for the distribution of reports from SAP ERP throughout the company. The reports are now distributed both in PDF and Microsoft Excel format and are simply sent as an attachment to an e-mail, allowing people who are not SAP users to receive them.

The Benefit for WITTE

Through implementing PIKON’s SAP ERP Report Distributor, WITTE Automotive now has the advantage of having an integrated solution for the creation and distribution of SAP reports that allows for automatic distribution via batch jobs, overnight processing, the ability to distribute to external e-mail addresses and flexible selection criteria.

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Daniel Schneider-Ortscheit
Daniel Schneider-Ortscheit
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