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SAP FIORI: Choose the right apps for your users

Many companies are currently in the process of switching over to SAP S/4HANA or are working out their roadmap. The system switchover is often associated with the big question of the future user interface. Do I continue to use the classic SAP GUI or do I directly enter the new FIORI world? We have already provided an overview of SAP FIORI in the article: “Introduction to the new user interface for S/4HANA”. Many companies will use a mixture of both worlds.

What do I do with the SAP GUI, what with FIORI?

There is no clear answer to this question. As so often, it depends on the individual situation. You can look at this from different angles.

Is it technically necessary to use a FIORI app? In some places, SAP has changed previous functions from the classic GUI to FIORI apps, making them available exclusively as FIORI apps.
One issue that many companies encounter during the changeover is the maintenance of house bank accounts. So there will be a minimum scenario for a use of FIORI in any case.

Also, if you want to use new functionalities, you will not get around the topic of FIORI. New highlight functions such as the Intercompany Matching and Reconciliation (ICMR) tool of SAP are available as FIORI applications. This is also true for other exciting functionalities in sales reporting, as well as the areas of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Together with the increasing focus on the cloud business, the focus on FIORI applications will also be strengthened. Even today, new functionalities are made available exclusively via FIORI apps. In addition to the ones already mentioned above, many more examples can be found.

The modern interfaces also provide easy, mobile access to information and processes and enable even the casual user to get a quick overview of what is going on.

The FIORI interface is also a practical choice for the “light user”. If the tasks are limited to approvals or monitoring of processes and KPIs, the FIORI environment is the perfect starting point. Especially in mobile scenarios, these use cases can be mapped easily and without much training effort, as FIORI apps work device-independent.

And on the other end of the spectrum are the power users. They work deep in the SAP environment and process large quantities of data. In these cases, it may be advantageous to keep using a classic application.

In this way, the user experience can be designed to suit the respective roles via FIORI or the SAP GUI.

SAP Fiori or SAP GUI

Where do I start?

The starting point for this question may, for example, be the previous history of the processes and transactions used. The FIORI App Library can generate a suggestion for FIORI apps based on your usage behavior. The FIORI App Library is a composition of all FIORI apps that are available. In addition to technical information on installation, it also provides important information on the functionality of the respective application.

SAP evaluates the type and frequency of the transactions used in the past. Based on this, you will receive suggestions as to which apps are suitable for your scenario. Additionally, you will get a graded recommendation on which FIORI apps can be a must-have for your future process.

Process development of the FIORI strategy

These recommendations certainly do not answer all questions, nor do they provide a ready-made role concept for a FIORI landscape. However, they can be the first entry point into the diverse world of apps and reduce the wide field of many thousands of application possibilities to a manageable amount.

We would be happy to use our expertise to help you select, customise and activate the apps that make sense for you. Feel free to contact us to find out more!

Contact us!

If you have any questions about Fiori, do not hesitate to request more information or leave a comment in the comments section below. 

Tommy Beckers
Tommy Beckers
Managing Partner PIKON Benelux NV

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