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Document Compliance in SAP S/4HANA

How PIKON helps Hilti comply with country-specific tax reporting and e-invoicing requirements in SAP S/4HANA

When operating worldwide like Hilti, a big challenge is to achieve compliance with different country-specific legal requirements for the electronic submission of tax-related data to local tax authority platforms all over the world (e.g. mandatory e-invoicing). Because of that, Hilti has strategically decided to implement and monitor all relevant e-invoicing and periodic tax reporting requirements with the SAP Document & Reporting Compliance (SAP DRC) solution. PIKON was selected as Hilti’s global SAP DRC implementation partner to take care of the process-related and technical SAP DRC implementation work in SAP S/4HANA for the different countries where Hilti is operating, but also to keep track of all relevant new legal requirements and future legal changes and therefore ensure compliance in the long run.

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“PIKON’s team is not only knowledgeable about the necessary legal requirements, but they also understand our processes and are well-versed in the SAP system. This has led to swift and uncomplicated implementations of SAP Document and Reporting Compliance in various country subsidiaries.”


Selcuk Kayaci
Head of Fin Services, Billing & Taxation, Corporate Functions IT, Hilti Group

Why Hilti needed a strategic, global SAP DRC partner for e-invoicing and tax reporting

In the past years, the number of legal requirements with the need to regularly submit electronic documents to a local tax authority has increased significantly around the world: examples are mandatory e-invoicing, VAT reporting, transport registration, e-accounting, etc.

Because of its global business, Hilti is required to comply with many of these country-specific legal requirements and will be affected by new, upcoming legal requirements in the near future. In the event that Hilti fails to comply, severe penalties for non-compliance are imposed. The SAP Document & Reporting Compliance (SAP DRC) solution was strategically selected as Hilti’s central, standard SAP solution to cover all existing and upcoming country-specific requirements and legal changes in their SAP S/4HANA system.

Although the SAP DRC solution offers a solid, centralized framework for global use, achieving compliance is not straightforward. Specific technical SAP DRC implementation expertise is needed and a thorough understanding of the legal processes, that vary in each country, is essential. As such, e-invoicing procedures differ, as do exchange formats and the platforms that are used for transmission.

Because of that, Hilti needed an SAP DRC implementation partner that is able to design a global SAP DRC roadmap and has hands-on expertise on the SAP DRC solution on the one hand and knows the legal processes for the relevant country-specific requirements on the other hand. Moreover, to Hilti, it was also important to have a reliable partner that keeps track of any legal changes to the implemented e-invoicing and statutory reporting requirements and ensures compliance in the long run.

PIKON’s Competence Center for Legal Requirements as Hilti’s strategic partner to ensure long-term compliance with all emerging legal requirements for mandatory e-invoicing and tax reporting

To ensure compliance, Hilti entered into a strategic partnership with PIKON’s Competence Center for Legal Requirements to design a global SAP DRC roadmap and implement the SAP Document & Reporting Compliance solution for each relevant country in their SAP S/4HANA system. The first country on the roadmap was Italy, where the SAP DRC solution was deployed according to the Italian SDI rules for mandatory B2B E-Invoicing. In parallel, legal requirements have also been implemented in Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Belgium, Mexico, and Argentina. Next on the roadmap is Turkey. For all these countries, PIKON brings along technical SAP DRC experiences and legal process knowledge to implement the SAP DRC country solutions and integrate them with local EDI partners (where required) for the bidirectional electronic data exchange.

Next to all technical and process-related SAP DRC implementation work, the PIKON Competence Center for Legal Requirements team also monitors new, upcoming legal requirements in the countries where Hilti operates as well as planned legal changes in the countries where the SAP DRC solution has already been deployed. Based on that, the SAP DRC roadmap is updated accordingly, and a solution is provided by PIKON so long-term compliance is ensured.

About PIKON’s Competence Center for Legal Requirements

With our Competence Center for Legal Requirements, PIKON is a strategic partner who ensures that our customers’ SAP ECC and SAP S/4HANA systems and processes meet the different country-specific legal requirements for the electronic submission of tax-related data to local tax authority platforms all over the world.

Our team of experts combine SAP expertise with in-depth knowledge of the country-specific legal regulations and are backed by many years of experience to simultaneously implement projects in different countries. This goes from country-specific legal requirements for e-invoicing, e-accounting, statutory reporting to accounting standards such as lease accounting under IFRS16 and SEPA.

With our full-service approach for legal requirements, we offer long-term support after the Go-Live, commit to ensuring long-term compliance with the implemented legal requirements and constantly monitor the impact of any upcoming new legal requirements.

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