Case Study | Ondal Medical Systems GmbH
Implementation of the Buyer’s Cockpit
Managing and analysing purchasing data

Management and analysis of purchasing data at Ondal Medical Systems GmbH with the Buyer's Cockpit

Ondal Medical Systems GmbH, a leading developer and producer of high-quality medical technology, has decided to implement the SAP add-on “Buyer’s Cockpit” to optimize their purchasing processes in SAP – ECC. This add-on provides a comprehensive overview and control of all relevant purchasing data.

About "Ondal Medical Systems GmbH"

Ondal Medical Systems GmbH is the world leader in the development and production of high-quality electromechanics in the field of medical technology. This includes, for example, monitor arms, spring arms, and central axes. Ondal’s customers are primarily original equipment manufacturers, original design manufacturers, and system providers.

„Buyer’s Cockpit helps us to get these changes into our ERP system quickly and efficiently, especially in the area of frequently changing material control surcharges.

We enjoy the transparency of the price development and its visualisation, especially in difficult negotiations with suppliers.


Heiko Heimer

Head of Operational Purchasing, Ondal Medical Systems


The initial situation at Ondal

Before the implementation of the SAP add-on “Buyer’s Cockpit” by PIKON, Ondal Medical Systems GmbH faced the challenge of efficiently managing and analyzing their numerous purchasing data. Ensuring a transparent and accessible representation of purchasing data was crucial for optimizing their business processes.

Our solution for Ondal: The SAP add-on Buyer’s Cockpit

The “Buyer’s Cockpit” provides an innovative solution by offering a central platform for displaying all relevant purchasing data in real-time. With personalized dashboards and analytical tools, the add-on enables the purchasers at Ondal Medical Systems GmbH to make quick and informed decisions.

Optimized purchasing processes through increased transparency

The introduction of the “Buyer’s Cockpit” has significantly improved Ondal Medical Systems GmbH’s purchasing processes. The increased transparency and efficiency in purchasing have led to better cost control and optimization of supplier relationships.

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The Material Master Data Cockpit for SAP is an SAP ERP Add-On that provides you with a fast, detailed, and up-to-date overview of any material in your SAP ERP system.


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Daniel Schneider-Ortscheit
Daniel Schneider-Ortscheit
Customer Success Manager