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Implementation of the Buyer’s Cockpit
Better handling of supplier price adjustments

Implementation of the Buyer’s Cockpit at Bitburger Braugruppe for Better Handling of Supplier Price Adjustments

With the SAP Add-on “Buyer’s Cockpit,” Bitburger can quickly and flexibly respond to supplier price adjustments. Changes in terms can now be automated and integrated into the SAP system without significant manual effort. In addition to the considerable time savings for the user, reducing transmission errors is a crucial factor in daily work, as well as the ability to mass-edit the corresponding order book entries. Extensive reporting on pricing is an additional positive feature of the add-on.

About “Bitburger Braugruppe”

Bitburger Braugruppe is a family-owned company with 1,600 employees and is currently managed in the seventh generation. Founded in 1817 as a small rural brewery in the Eifel region, Bitburger has been Germany’s number one draft beer brand for decades. The Braugruppe includes the brands Bitburger, König Pilsener, Köstritzer, Licher, as well as Königsbacher and Nette. In addition, there is a distribution partnership with Benediktiner Weissbräu GmbH.

“We, in the purchasing department, were looking for a simple solution for the mass maintenance of conditions in our SAP system. Due to the very volatile market conditions in recent years, we often have to make price corrections in order to be able to access correct order prices at all times. PIKON now enables us to quickly and easily process condition records within the familiar SAP interface, which form the data basis for tenders and price comparisons for maintenance materials.”


Matthias Schweisthal
technical purchasing, Bitburger Braugruppe


Reasons for Implementing the Buyer’s Cockpit at Bitburger

Bitburger Brewery came across our “Buyer’s Cockpit” add-on while searching the internet for a suitable tool for quickly and smoothly updating supplier price lists in SAP. The options available within the SAP S/4HANA system up to that point were not sufficient for Bitburger and did not offer optimal comfort. In a hastily arranged team meeting with Bitburger’s IT department and the product experts at PIKON, it quickly became apparent that the tool was ideally suited for the intended purpose.

The SAP Add-on "Buyer’s Cockpit" as an Extension, where SAP Standard falls short

Developed for updating purchasing info records, the SAP add-on is used within the framework of price adjustments in procurement. This includes, among other things, procurement of individual spare parts for production machinery (screws, nuts, etc.), as well as products for cleaning the filling systems.

The Added Value for Bitburger: Keeping track of all price changes

Due to the significantly increased inflation and the resulting faster price increases by suppliers, Bitburger hoped to achieve significant time savings in uploading the new supplier price lists into SAP through the introduction of the new SAP add-on “Buyer’s Cockpit.” For this purpose, PIKON created a special Excel sheet for the Buyer’s Cockpit, which can be filled out by the suppliers with the new prices or very user-friendly operated by employees themselves. In addition to this saving, as the manual entry of new prices by internal employees is eliminated, the significant reduction of input errors was also a decisive argument for the acquisition of the tool. Another major benefit for Bitburger is the reporting capabilities of the Buyer’s Cockpit, which not only relate purchasing info records and conditions but also graphically represent order quantities and prices. In addition to the graphical display of price developments of different items on the timeline, there are also options to display purchasing quantities and the total order values resulting from the price adjustments over a custom period. This allows for an immediate overview of how any price increases in individual positions affect the total costs of the item. Price increases can be quickly classified and are immediately visible through the threshold display.

The implementation of the tool is very straightforward through the deployment of transports in the PIKON namespace and a brief introduction including setting the initial parameters. Thus, the add-on could be used by Bitburger just a few days after ordering it.

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