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See the world while traveling as a consultant

Working with clients all over the world has its perks. Especially when you get the opportunity to travel to their offices abroad while consulting them with your SAP knowledge. 


Olga has been working at PIKON since November 2018 in those years she has been traveling a lot, mainly to large cities.

When she is on a business trip, she enjoys her evenings off. If possible, she prefers to book a hotel with a spa and swimming pool, so her swimsuit is always in her suitcase. With her study background in languages, she has many friends scattered all over the world, and when the opportunity presents itself, she prefers to combine a work trip with a visit to an old acquaintance.

Her favorite business trip was to London in December, when the city was immersed in a magical Christmas atmosphere. She also went to Milan, Madrid, Prague, Budapest, Moscow, Manchester, and various places in Germany and Switzerland. On her wish list are America and especially Dubai.

Olga’s pro tip: always have a packing list ready to pack your things quickly.

Evelien has been at PIKON since September 2018, and despite the corona epidemic, she has had a few business trips. She has already been to different places in Germany and Austria, to Paris and Milan.

During the latter, she and a colleague attended a football match between Inter and Napoli. She has also been honored to visit the SAP headquarters in Walldorf, which she describes as “nice and fancy”. During each trip, she mainly enjoys good food and eating out a lot.

She will soon be going to Austria for two weeks. She is looking forward to this because a lot of colleagues come together and the company (a customer of PIKON) has organized fun activities to do together.


Stef, one of our managing partners, has been working at PIKON since 2011. Stef is one of the lucky ones who has already traveled to different continents for work. His first business trip was to Austria, in the meantime, Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain, the US (NY and Oklahoma), Brazil, the UK, Slovakia, and Liechtenstein are also on his list.

He regularly tries to go earlier and stay longer than the duration of his actual business trip. Why? The days with the customer are often very long, and there is not much time to enjoy the destination.

He cannot immediately give a favorite experience because he has several events that have stayed with him. In Austria, for example, one evening he hiked up the ski slope with the sled, ate a schnitzel on top of the mountain, and then went down with the sled. He has also traveled a lot to and from Switzerland for a long time, where he always enjoyed hiking in the mountains.

But it doesn’t stop there… A wine tasting in a customer’s personal wine cellar, celebrating the 4th of July in America, a moto-taxi in Paris, and lunch in Italy with an abundance of Limoncello, Stef can’t stop talking about it.

On all his business trip destinations, he tries to enjoy good food and a good dose of sightseeing. But he also always takes a little bit of Belgium with him, such as Chokotoffs, Jules de Strooper biscuits, and beer, for his colleagues.


Sofie has been a permanent fixture at PIKON since 2017, and like many of our colleagues, she has often traveled to various places in Austria and Germany. But her list of business trips also includes more exotic destinations such as Istanbul, Mexico, and Brazil.

Her favorite destination was Mexico. She flew there during the start of a new project, so this was the ideal way to get to know everyone. The customer had organized all kinds of trips outside working hours, so she was able to really enjoy the region. During her other business trips, she has always taken the time to enjoy the food, soak up some culture and maybe take a city tour.

What she likes most about going on a business trip is that she gets to know colleagues in a completely different way, especially when she can go on a trip with another PIKON colleague. She also enjoys flying in business class, something she would never spend money on, but greatly appreciates.

On her wish list she still has a business trip to Dubai, so now we have to find a customer to take her there.

Jonas has been with PIKON since December 2017. His business trip destinations have a clear trend in Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany, Luxembourg, Italy, the Netherlands, and Switzerland. The latter, in particular, has been playing an important role in Jonas‘ career at PIKON for some time now.

For two years, he was in Switzerland every week from Sunday to Friday to work from a client’s office. He also regularly stayed on weekends to visit the surrounding region or to enjoy a brisk mountain hike. Because he was with the customer so often, he was seen as an internal colleague, which was also a great learning experience. What he misses most about Switzerland is the abundance of Raclette restaurants, something everyone can understand.

Wherever Jonas goes, he always has his running shoes with him. He would like to go on a business trip to a city with many large, high buildings such as Singapore, somewhere in Dubai or America. He thinks it would be nice to be in one of those big cities where there is a bustling business world.


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